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Cross Jewelers is a fine jewelry store with one location in Portland, Maine. We specialize in classic well-made jewelry.

Gem Resetting

Cross has discontinued the resetting of diamonds and gemstones not purchased from Cross. We will continue to offer the opportunity to have any diamond or colored gem originally sold by Cross set into a new, updated Cross design, providing the gem size and shape appropriately fits our design.

Cross’ resetting season runs from January 1 to June 30 of each year. Resetting projects typically take a minimum of 12 weeks with longer time periods for complex and multi-step projects.

For instructions for sending your diamond to us please print and fill out our Resetting Information Shipping Form. If you'd like to learn more about our resetting services click here.


We offer appraisal services on any item sold by Cross or previously appraised by Cross. Initial appraisal documentation is free on all cross purchases over $500.  We also offer re-evaluation appraisals on all items we have previously sold.

In addition, we appraise gems being remounted into one of our designs with the exception of recently acquired diamonds (those purchased from other stores after the year 2000).

Appraisals for Jewelry Sold by Other Stores

Whenever possible it’s best to return to the original seller for appraisal updates. Original sellers are often in the best position to provide the most accurate replacement value in the event of loss or damage.

The following are several local jewelry firms you may want to inquire for jewelry appraisal services:

     Springers, Portland………....207-772-5404
     Days, South Portland……….207-780-6052
     Browns, Freeport…………....207-865-4126

Independent Jewelry Appraisal Services

     New England Gemological Laboratory
               and Appraisal Services, Ogunquit……....207-852-4502
     New England Gem Appraisals, Kennebunk…....207-604-4423

For highly specialized items of fine jewelry you may want to consider finding an appraiser in a larger market such as Boston or New York.

Fine Jewelry Repair

While we do repairs on all items we sell, we are not currently offering repair services on items sold by other stores.

For repairs on jewelry acquired from other stores our recommendation is to return to the original seller if possible. The original seller is in the best position to efficiently and economically do repairs or restoration work. Also, your piece of jewelry may still be under warranty.

Even if the item was purchased in another state, working with that jeweler through the mail is still often the best course.

If the original seller is no longer in business there are several southern Maine retail stores still offering full repair services:

     Springers, Portland………....207-772-5404
     D Cole, Portland……....…….207-772-5119
     Days, South Portland……….207-780-6052
     Browns, Freeport…………....207-865-4126

Watches and Watch Repair

Our focus is on jewelry; we do not sell, repair or appraise watches. If you are in the Portland area, our best suggestion for watches or watch repair is Swiss Time at 86 Exchange Street in Portland, Maine 207-773-0997.


Engraving a date or message on a piece of jewelry adds a wonderful personal touch. It’s also fun for family members a generation or two later to know who wore a particular piece and when.

We can machine or hand-engrave most of our ring designs. If you would like to have one of our pendants, bracelets, or pins engraved give us a call, hand-engraving may be possible.

Machine engraving is free and is simple block lettering. Hand-engraving can often accommodate more letters if space is limited. If hand-engraving you can choose script lettering, add symbols or foreign characters. There is a charge for hand-engraving, and it typically takes 2 weeks.

Wedding rings are the most frequently engraved piece of jewelry. Typically the givers initials are first, the recipients are next, then a date. Example: XYZ TO ZYX  MM-DD-YYYY

We do not engrave items purchased from other stores.

Buying Jewelry from Customers

There are some jewelry stores that specialize in buying antique and estate jewelry. We’re not one of them. And while we do have an antique and estate jewelry collection it’s highly specialized and highly limited.

Locally, the following stores are active buyers of previously owned jewelry:

     Market Square Jewelers, Portland……..207-956-7223
     Atto’s, Portland…………………………..207-613-9222
     Stonehome, Ogunquit……………......…207-216-9917

Our Areas of Specialty

Engagement Rings – We are well known for our active lifestyle engagement rings that are practical, wearable, durable and absolutely beautiful. In addition to the active lifestyle collection we have classic prong-set styles. All are set with Cross Royal Ideal-cut diamonds (the world’s most beautiful diamonds).

Blue Sapphires - The finest true blue sapphires in America. You’ll immediately see the difference in our sapphires we guarantee it. If you love blue we have a must see collection.

Maine tourmaline - We are passionate about the gems found in our state. Cross is the source for the best selection of authentic Maine tourmaline, maintaining the largest collection in the world of fine Maine tourmaline jewelry.

New England Inspired Designs - Jewelry inspired by the state of Maine and New with an emphasis on our New England nautical heritage.