Cross' Guide to the World's Most Beautiful Diamonds

Your Diamond Insider
If you love the idea of bright, brilliant, beautiful diamonds selected by a diamond insider, you've just made a great discovery.

We specialize in finding the best-of-the-best diamond cutters, not large commercial cutters, but small shops where skills and traditions have been passed from father to son, finely honed and improved from generation to generation. And because they are small shops we can spend time studying each diamond being considered for Cross' Private Reserve.

We start with an intensive microscopic pre-screening for cut, color, and clarity; choosing only the brightest most brilliant diamonds, choosing only those diamonds that touch the soul... A diamond that speaks the moment it is seen. A diamond that touches the soul is important, for we know that the diamond you give means far more to you than any paper certificate because it will speak for you and to your loved one forever.

Cross Guarantee
We guarantee our diamonds to always be 100%, accurately graded, and to be superbly set into our very finest mountings. We are strict in our grading and highly competitive in our pricing.