Lush. Exotic. Untamed. This is no polite, garden-variety green: Emerald pulses with life and vitality. In its depths beats the heart of the rain forest, its shadows alive with promise, expectation...even danger.

More valuable than even diamonds, fine quality Emeralds of significant size are among the world's most bewitching jewels. Their incomparable green color is produced only under extremely rare conditions. Because these conditions also result in tiny cracks and cavities in the stone, inclusions are allowed in top quality Emeralds.

Ancient history records Emerald mines near the Red Sea. Known as "Cleopatra's Mines," the Egyptian Pharaohs gathered gems there between 3000 and 1500 B.C. The Incas and Aztec of South America once worshiped Emerald as a holy stone. And Maharajas of India, who believed the gem brought luck and restored health, had multitudes of Emeralds in their treasure vaults. The hue of nature itself, Emerald enjoys appeal year-around: an ideal accent for Spring wardrobes, a highlight of Summer designs, an Autumn complement and the perfect hue to dispel Winter.

Hardness 7.5-8 Emerald is rated "fair to good" for everyday wear.