The first thing you notice is the color: Deep, vivid blue, with a purplish tinge that dances about the stone as it moves in the light. With its dazzling intensity and complex play of color, Tanzanite boasts a uniquely sensuous appeal.

Tanzanite's rarity and exotic origin are also part of its fascination. For this modern gemstone was unknown until 1967, when Massai herdsmen in eastern Africa noticed blue crystals sparkling in the sun. Tanzanite's dramatic discovery, couples with its scintillating beauty, caused a worldwide sensation. To date the world's only source for the gem remains the hills of northern Tanzania, near Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tanzanite's dual color - brilliant blue with hints of purple - makes it both warm and cool. Bold yet meltingly beautiful, it is a favorite of many gem lovers.

Hardness 6-7 Tanzanite is not for everyday wear and one should take care when wearing.