Blue Topaz
From the pure pastel blue of an Alpine the glow of the mid-summer the aquatic hue of the deepest ocean, refreshing Blue Topaz brings a breath of fresh air to contemporary jewelry designs.

The ancients prized Topaz as a stone of divine majesty. It was believed to dispel enchantments, detect poisons - even render the wearer invisible at will.

Hardness 8 Topaz is rated "Good" for everyday wear

Yellow Topaz
The color of certain gems can be, quite literally, intoxicating. From the pale amber gold of old cognac to the warmly glowing browns of aged whiskey, Yellow Topaz invites us to drink in its beauty. Its warm golden hues, bring a youthful blush of color to those who wear it.

Topaz was revered by the Egyptians and Romans, who associated it with the setting sun. In modern times, rich stores of Precious Topaz were discovered in Russia; placed in the jewels of Russian Czarinas's, the gem earned the name "Imperial Topaz".

The mesmerizing hue of Yellow Topaz is symbolic of love and affection. And so remarkable is the gemstone's transparency and brilliance that famous examples have been confused with diamonds.

Hardness 8 Topaz is rated "Good" for everyday wear