When one thinks of Garnet it is often the glowing deep red with hints of orange and brown - the colors of Autumn Harvest or Indian Summer that comes to mind. Wrapped in its warmth, we feel protected. It's no wonder that Garnet was once believed to have healing properties, particularly in diseases related to the blood.

Tales of Garnet date back to the time of Noah, who is said to have steered the ark by a lantern made of this dazzling gem. Garnet jewels were also favored in ancient Rome and Egypt, where they were held to ward off evil. The astonishing brilliance of Garnet, now understood to result from its high refraction of light, may explain the stone's legendary reputation for magically illuminating the night.

Garnet occurs in shades of red, green, orange, and yellow.

Tsavorite Garnet (Green)
Rich and intense, boasting very high brilliance, Tsavorite is a refreshing surprise of sparkling verdant color. Its tones range from a light spring green to a deep, breathtaking shade of forest green, making it one of the few gems to rival Emerald in color and beauty.

Tsavorite was discovered near the Tsavo National Park in the Northeastern part of Tanzania. Worldwide recognition of the gem came in 1974, when Tiffany & Co. began promoting its magnificent color, depth and transparency. Rough Tsavorite crystals weighing over five carats are found only occasionally, making cut stones over two carats both rare and valuable.

Hardness 7-7.5 Garnet is rated "good" for everyday wear