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Moss Agates Return to Cross After 100 Years

In the Cross Family there was a moss agate given by my great-great-grandfather to my great- great-grandmother one Christmas in the late 1800's. Their son, my grandfather, often spoke of it and how much he admired its beauty and mystery. I've seen it a few times. A cousin owns it now.

My grandfather was always on the lookout for a gem of equal beauty. In his passion he inspired me to the same. I've been in the jewelry business for 50 years and until a foreign trip last winter I had never seen a gem equal to the legendary Cross family moss agate, and it was not just one gem, but dozens of exquisitely beautiful moss agates. What I discovered on this trip was a once-a-year opportunity to review several hundred of the most amazing moss agates I'd ever seen. I made a selection and then had the pieces mounted in sterling silver. Every one of them is beautiful.

Dreamscape Moss Agates are not an item for which we have a continuous stream of pieces being completed year round. They are more like an apple crop. There is a season when gems are ripe for picking, and we select then. We're working on trying to create two seasons for these gems, but until then, if you see one here and you love it our best advice is to buy it right now. There's never a guarantee that a source will last forever.

Dreamscape Moss Agate Necklaces








We typically use an 18” chain on our pendants. This length is perfect for many women. Most of the chains are available in 16”, 18” 20” and 24” lengths. See the product details for the specific length of chain that accompanies this piece of jewelry. If you would like a different length of chain please call us at 1800 433-2988.

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