Resetting a Diamond Originally Purchased from Cross

Cross has discontinued the resetting of diamonds and gemstones not purchased from Cross. We will continue to offer the opportunity to have any diamond or colored gem originally sold by Cross set into a new, updated Cross design, providing the gem size and shape appropriately fits our design.

Cross’ resetting season runs from January 1 to June 30 of each year. Resetting projects typically take a minimum of 12 weeks with longer time periods for complex and multi-step projects. 

For instructions for sending your diamond to us please print and fill out our Resetting Information Shipping Form

Quality Takes Time

We believe in fine jewelry, exquisitely made jewelry, the best precious metals, the very best gems. The best quality always has, and always will, take time. Select a new Cross item already made and if you place your order by 9AM, Monday - Thursday, it’s possible to have it by noon the very next day.

If we are designing a piece of jewelry using a diamond originally purchased from Cross, we follow our time-tested philosophy of old world craftsmanship. We will not rush the creation of anything precious or anything rare. Your diamond is too important to us to ever do anything other than take the full measure of time in its design recreation.

We understand your desire for a new design and your eagerness to have the piece to wear for your next big occasion. The time that we give for completion for every project is real and necessary for the creation of the very best quality piece of fine finished jewelry.

Resetting Colored Gemstones

We are happy to work with our customers to reset a colored gemstone previously purchased from Cross. We do not reset colored gemstones acquired from other stores. Due to variances in cutting/proportions and potential treatments that could have unknown short or long-term risks, we only reset colored gems we previously sold.

All Cross gems (and diamonds) have been acquired from some of the world’s finest and most reputable sources, are thoroughly tested, and are unconditionally guaranteed to be exactly, precisely what we represented them to be.

If you have any questions about new jewelry or a resetting project you may be considering, please give us a call Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 5:00pm.