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I bought the gem from an international gem dealer who specializes in gems of the world. A rare and exotic tourmaline cats eye. My original thought was to make a ring for myself. While we mine tourmaline here in Maine, never have I seen a tourmaline of this size, 20 carats, color Forest Green, or purity of eye, straight north-south.


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The twilight-cut is pure magic. It’s a fairytale gem come to life. Light moves through the gem like a shooting star. Light winks on and off like fire flies on a July night. Twilight-cut is like sparkly light on the water, shimmering waves of shadow and light.


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The gem colors are intense orange spessartite garnet center, green tsavorite garnet sides, diamonds tapering out to the east and west. If you love Florida, if you love the taste of orange juice, if you love the colors of orange and green, consider this ring.


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This is a jet black stone from an unnamed Maine coast island that takes an awesome polish. We’ve done a checkerboard pattern, white light flashes on and off against a pitch black background. We’ve surrounded this black Maine stone with twinkling white diamonds. Honesty it didn’t occur to us that we had a perfect solar eclipse symbol until all the news in the last 8 weeks about the big meeting of the sun and the moon. The white diamonds are the cornea surround the total eclipse of the moon.


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3:27 - You will spend more time with your wedding ring than with your car, your home, even your spouse. You should love your wedding ring. The Winchester is a serious wedding ring - smooth as silk comfortable, heavy, and solid...dependable for all of life’s adventures and then some.


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2:15 - We spent the morning with Bo, a Navajo artist from the South West. Here he talks about his art, and his sterling silver cuff bracelet.


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