Twelve Minutes From our Store

This scene is 12 minutes from our Store in Downtown Portland within sight of Portland Head Light. It was taken at the height of land on Officer's Row looking at the outer edges of Cushing Island, Peaks Island and Long Island on the left and Hope and Cliff Island on the right.

We found this picture in our Cross Archives. It was taken in 2009. When we enlarged the picture for consideration as our Christmas catalog cover I didn't recognize it and I took the picture. My first reaction was this must be Bar Harbor. It was a wild lovely classic Maine Coast Scene and we puzzled over where the photo was taken for twenty-four hours. After studying other pictures taken that day and following two visits out to Cape Elizabeth, we determined it was Fort Williams. The irony...I walk there almost every morning in good weather, I just don't happen to stand on this spot except rarely, plus this photo was taken with a 70-210mm zoom lens changing the perspective and yes almost all the time the picnic tables are available.

Portland is an amazing place to live. It's such a lively thriving city and to have bold ocean frontage just minutes away is a wonder. Do come visit us soon and spend a day or two or three. Portland is a fun city with beaches, islands and the open Atlantic at our doorstep. It's worth the trip.


GPS Cordinates: N 43 37.400, W 70 12.700