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Bracelet Details

Gold Content:  14K yellow gold

Gram Weight: 21.4 grams

Length: 7 1/4×1/2 tapers to 1/4 at ends

Our jewelers carefully examine each piece to assure good condition. We check links, closures and hinges for safety to assure that what you purchase is in the very best condition possible.

14K Yellow Gold Inca Gold Bracelet

Style #: KW180

Suspension Bridges of Ecuador

Its two hundred feet to the swirling water rushing through the canyon below.

I’m the writer for a national geographic special on retracing the ancient Inca trail following the Andes. Our photographer has three hundred and fifty pounds of equipment to tale spectacular shots the Geographic is known for. We have a crew of seven men to schlep his equipment along the hundred miles of trail we are hiking. I have less than five pounds of paper and two dozen pens to complete my mission. Like the Bridges of Madison County we are photographing and writing about the suspension bridges of Ecuador.


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Bracelet Details

Gold Content:  14K yellow gold

Gram Weight: 21.4 grams

Length: 7 1/4×1/2 tapers to 1/4 at ends

Our jewelers carefully examine each piece to assure good condition. We check links, closures and hinges for safety to assure that what you purchase is in the very best condition possible.

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Those finely woven hemp and jungle sticks woven between we’ve photographed and crossed three bridges, we have sixteen more to go. So far I write about terror, knee buckling, teeth chattering fear. It’s beautiful absolutely terrifyingly beautiful a possible two hundred foot fall focuses our attention. I see everything, the spiders mid bridge their furry legs scrambling along the woven hand railing. I count the minuets to pass from one side to the other; I’ve mastered a bridge prayer and bargaining with God, I’ve given up sugar and smoking so far.

Here is what I will know in two weeks: how they build these bridges, who builds them, who has maintained them for now and a thousand years and how often the bridges must be repaired. Only sixteen more bridges to go.

The bracelet has nothing to do with Ecuador or Peru except they say every ounce of gold ever found is still in circulation. Gold the Spanish recovered from the Inca’s is somewhere a few molecules of Spanish Inca gold is likely sleeping within this bracelet. Stretch the bracelet across the palm of your hand the links look  like an arching suspension bridge golden: yes magical, yes safe enough to walk on… actually it looks safer than these Ecuador bridges. It glitters in the sunlight, on the wrist it’s smart, clean and neat Made in Italy we call its style American Danish modern.

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History of the Kirkwood Collection

The Kirkwood Collection consists of items of jewelry from the past, brought forward in time, and available again in the 21st century. There are two parts to this intriguing collection.

The first part is antique estate jewelry spanning from 1820 – 2000. My great-grandmother Katharine Goodwin Pride, wife of horseman Walter D. Pride, is the guardian of this collection. A copy of her painting appears in the corner of every item in this antique/estate collection.

The second part of our Kirkwood Collection is composed of actual retired items of jewelry that at various times in our Cross history 25, 50, 75 years ago, have been moved from active inventory to Cross Archival reserves waiting for someday, when the moment seemed right, to make it available to Cross fans again. Connie Cross is the hostess for this archival collection of jewelry.

Family Legacy

As in all families, any present generation has two immediate family legacies. One side of my family is Cross, the jewelry people, the other side of my family is Pride, the horse people – with stables and sleighs, buckboards and wagons, two stables, one in Westbrook, the other at Scarborough Beach with a summer seasonal inn back in the 1800s.


Virtually everything in the Cross Kirkwood Collection is a one of a kind, one item, one moment, one chance to acquire. Obviously, if three people want a particular piece, only one can have it, and once any one item is sold, it is gone forever. Constance Cross, daughter of our founder William Cross, and part owner of Cross Jewelers from 1931-1942, is guardian of this portion of our collection. Her black and white photograph appears in the corner of any item that has a Cross Archival Collection origin.


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Happy shopping – Ralph H. Pride, 4th generation of the Cross Jewelry Family, and 4th generation of the Pride horse people.

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