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Ring Details

Ring Style: Fox Tail (Moi et Toi)

Item#: G1072

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow & White Gold

Diamonds: 2 = .52 carat total weight (Ideal cut, J color, SI2 clarity)

Fox Tail Diamond Ring

Item #: G1072

One spring day I was down by the shore having red wine, crackers and cheese. I looked up and saw a fox sitting six feet away watching me. I spoke. He sat and continued to watch.


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Ring Details

Ring Style: Fox Tail (Moi et Toi)

Item#: G1072

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow & White Gold

Diamonds: 2 = .52 carat total weight (Ideal cut, J color, SI2 clarity)

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Fox Tail

Moi et Toi Diamond Ring


Red Wine and Fox

One spring day I was down by the shore having red wine, crackers and cheese. I looked up and saw a fox sitting six feet away watching me. I spoke. He sat and continued to watch. I tossed him a cracker and cheese. He made all the appropriate crunching sounds. I posted this picture on Instagram and got a dozen comments, most of them about danger of wild animals. He sat with me for twenty minutes then trotted off once he’d had his fill.

Fox Best Friend

Saturday August 24th 2018. Morning. Loading the truck. A fox trots across the lawn six feet away pretending to be my dog. There was something so natural, so comfortable, about his presence there for both the fox and me. I can see how man and some early member of the fox wolf family were simply adopted into one another’s family. I feel this bond with so many of my fox encounters that the distance between wild and inviting a fox into my home gets smaller by the day. And yes, before you write to caution me, I get it.


Baby Foxes

We had just headed out. I was driving, Nancy in the passenger seat. Up ahead was an old two stall horse barn four feet from the edge of the road. There was movement, fluff ball pups by the door and by the opening at the entrance in the ground. We stopped eight feet away and watched. Here were six fox pups, a week old, exploring the world outside their den. Sniffing the air, practicing sight, understanding climbing and how paws work to chase a bug away. We watched, talked and filmed.

Who this ring is for. It’s for the lady who desires a chunky, low profile, solid, safe, secure ring. Diamonds are set in crescent moon bezels. Open ends of diamonds facing one another. The diamonds are set on a diagonal with double foxtails sweeping up and around. The first intent for this design is as a right hand ring. Just a ring to wear for fun and pleasure. This is a strong ring made for wear under the widest range of activities. It can also be considered as a Moi et Toi ring, two diamonds representing me and you. The diamonds are Royal Ideal for maximum sparkle, brilliance and shine. This ring was made by Keith of Clipper Ship Trade Wind Jewelry fame.

When made in yellow gold the diamonds are set in white gold the two tone effect is dazzling.

 Are There Foxes in the Woods?

My son, when he was little, would ask the same question as I took him back to his Mom’s house on wintery Sunday nights. His question was always at the same place, at a bend in the road, ocean on the left, trees, forest on the right. Stephen would ask, “Dad, are there foxes in the woods?”

My answer was always the same, “No Stephen, we don’t have foxes around here.”

Today, 30 years later, my answer would be different. That yes, there are indeed foxes in the woods, the yard, and even out on our porch – foxes trotting around daily, but I would tell him he was safe because we are always watching. Today, close to the bend in the road there is a fox crossing sign.

The Fox Tail Ring

Moi et Toi is French for me and you. We make several Moi et Toi rings. Our Fox Tail Ring is one of our new favorites. It is solid, safe, and secure.

I wish we could have shown it to Napoleon in 1796. Napoleon gave a Moi et Toi ring to Josephine as an engagement ring. Napoleon’s ring was a rather light affair, a pear shaped diamond and pear shaped sapphire in a spindly prong setting. I’m certain if Napoleon had seen our Fox Tail Ring he would have gone for that. As the world’s most brilliant military strategist, he would have immediately recognized the Fox Tail Ring as superior in every way to the ring he chose.

We have just one Fox Tail Ring right now. Two diamonds, half carat total weight, Royal Ideal, near colorless. When we sell our first Fox Tail Moi et Toi Ring, for those of you who wish to order one, plan on 8 weeks for completion of the next.

 Winter Foxes

Foxes frolic and play. Looking out the third story window I saw two foxes one winter day. The yard was covered with three feet of snow. The foxes were playing, jumping, wrestling like a couple of kids.

Fox Tails

Nancy questions, whether it’s safe to swing in the hammock. Nancy asks about sitting at the sundial court. Nancy even debates the safety of the porch. In recent years we have foxes in our neighborhood appearing out of nowhere, sitting near when we’re outside having lunch, and yes, they regularly trot down the wrap around porch. When Nancy has been away she asks about the foxes, asks if they have been around, she asks with caring and curiosity in her voice. She thinks they are cute. Nancy is clearly concerned though. Her concerns are rational; twenty miles up the coast there have been issues, down here none yet that I am aware of.

Still, I get it. There have been moments when I’ve been out in the yard. Once while working on the oak terrace I turned to find a fox sitting on the stone wall two feet above me, four feet away, looking down. I spoke, he trotted away.

I got Nancy a set of golf clubs, an old set. I know she will never use them. Just having something close by, something she can put in her hand to have between she and the wild creature has given Nancy confidence again to sit alone in the yard. I’m at peace with foxes on the land, but, if I’m honest I too am more comfortable having a collection of antique wedges around.

How Foxes Sleep on Winter Nights

I think about animals at night. I think about them especially in the winter, at night, in January, when the ground is covered in two feet of snow, it’s 10 below zero and the wind is blowing. Where do the animals sleep and how to they stay warm. To find an answer I got a book called “Wolves”.

Foxes and wolves, to keep warm, apparently put their tails to good use on winter nights. They curl up on the snow, back paws and front paws facing in, snout lying across the front paws and tail curled around covering paws and snout. Foxes and wolves breathe out into the tail, fur warming the air and breathe in partly warmed air. When the fox gets up in the morning they are so well insulated, any snow they have been lying on has not melted.

The Poor Farmer’s Wife
Fox Trot Collars

It’s been years since I thought about fox collars, minks and more. It was the 1950s, I was eight. My best friend, Dickey, was ten. We lived on two farms 600 feet apart. Our farm was built in 1832. Three families had lived on the farm before we had. My friend’s farm had been built by his grandfather. It was weathered gray and sat on the side of a hill. Out front they had a Concord grape arbor, ripe in September. In the kitchen they had a pump at the sink. In the side yard a double row of Macintosh apple trees trailed down the hill. Out back the woodshed stood on the left, the outhouse, a bit lower on the right. In the fields and hills far out back, cultivated strawberries that had once been hoed and fertilized had gone wild and grew big and plump strawberries among the tall grass. When Dickey told me about monster strawberries growing in his fields I didn’t believe him, but it was true.

On the third floor of this old house Dickey showed me another unbelievable thing – the fur room. It was dark, and a bit dusty with time, scented by cedar and moth balls. A single low watt lightbulb and coats, hats, shawls, muffs and scarfs made from glossy brown fur. The thing that blew me away was the fox collars. There were four or five collars with fox head, snout, teeth, glassy amber eyes, fore paws, hind legs and tail. The mouths opened and hinged clasped shut near the tail. Some had tail and paws, some didn’t. At eight years old, I’d never seen anything like it. I only got to go twice – until we were found out, then the attic was off limits.

At age eight I couldn’t make the connection of why or where these fox collars came from, or what they were used for, or even who had worn them. As I look back, the grandmother and grandfather were old, hunched over with little to say. She had a rocking chair in the living room. His chair was in the kitchen beside a spittoon. There was a time…a time way before my time, when these grandparents were in their 20s in the 1920s. He was a young farmer full of ideas. She made great apple pies, they met dancing. Her one passion was fur, and he indulged her in the fall after the crops came in. They were a sharp, young couple, light on their feet. They danced the Charleston, the Quickstep and of course the Foxtrot. They lit up the grange hall any Saturday night they showed up.

None of these imagined lives appeared to the eight year old, but yes, clearly to a 68 year old and of course this dynamic young couple in the spring of their lives in the heart of the roaring twenties collected a treasure trove of furs and fur collars to dance the night away.

 Get a Dog

Summers I sit on the porch stairs, leaning up against the white corner post, dreaming, listening to the wind in the trees, watching the shadows of the birch tree leaves on the lawn. On this summer day I had a bag of chips and a glass of lemonade. I had been sitting for a long time. I turned to my right and there was a fox sitting on the lawn, barely 4 feet away. I spoke, he stayed, it felt natural like when I was a kid and had a dog. I tossed him a chip. He ate it. I got my phone out and filmed him. My cousins have seen the video, they have all cautioned me. I get it, but it seemed so natural. Maybe I should get a dog.

Fox Tail Diamonds
After the Sun Goes Down

Spent an hour with this ring tonight. It was after the sun went down. The ring is size 6 ½, it fits on my little finger. Size 6 ½ is ideal for most women’s ring fingers, and of course sizing the ring up or down is free. Fox Tail is a new ring. It’s sleek, it’s smooth, it’s a flip of the tail and two diamonds, flaming brilliance. Nicely cut diamonds are dazzling by daylight. When the diamonds are Royal Ideal, they sizzle after the sun goes down. So pretty, I look at it, put it away, then take it out of its envelope just to look at it again. I’ve done that two dozen times during these nighttime visits. If you could be here in Portland right now I would show you how amazingly brilliant our Fox Tail Ring is.

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