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Lighthouse Sea Glass Earrings


The light, pure silver, sweeping,
Reaching into the night.

These are real Maine sea glass collected by a mom and her two young sons. Cut, polished, and assembled by the dad right here in Maine.

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Lighthouse Sea Glass Earrings

Symbols of Hope, Good Directions,
and a Heartfelt Welcome Home


Lighthouses are saviors
Lighthouses say caution: rocks, shoals, danger.
Lighthouses say beware.
Lighthouses say this is the way home.


They are sturdy, solid, and an anchor to life at sea. By their presence, lighthouses welcome us by day and they caution and save us by night. Lighthouses are solid, steadfast, and, some might say, brave too, facing the storm and waves, shining their light of hope, good direction and welcome home.

Story Behind the Sea Glass Lighthouse

Marty has been making natural gem lighthouses for two dozen years. He had an awakening ten years ago when a neighbor asked him to make a special lighthouse for her from sea glass rather than the natural gems he’d been using. Marty got right to it.

The all-natural gem lighthouse sells for $1,250. The sea glass lighthouse in silver sells for $235, a thousand dollars less. The light bulb went on for Marty. I asked him how many sea glass lighthouses he’s made for us over the last ten years. He said, “500 easy.” He said, “No, that’s too low. It’s got to be well over 1,000, maybe 2,000.”

The light, pure silver, sweeping,
Reaching into the night

These are real Maine sea glass collected by a mom and her two young sons. Cut, polished, and assembled by the dad right here in Maine. Sky-blue top, medium-blue sea, living green and rich earth below. Lovely, lyrical pieces.

A Mom, Her Kids, and a Dad

Summers in Maine. A mom and her two young sons picked up sea glass on beaches in Cape Elizabeth. After years of collecting, bags of real Maine sea glass were store in the attic and almost forgotten. The dad is a fine art gem cutter.

One day a neighbor who was familiar with his work asked him to make her a lighthouse pendant out of sea glass. It was beautiful. Marty thought about the bags of sea glass in his attic. He made another one and showed it to us. We asked him to make more. Initially, he was reluctant because his first love is fine art gem cutting. He agreed to make a few for us each month. Give us a call. We just might have one we can send to you.

Marty – Gem Cutter Magician

Marty has done many amazing gem cutting projects for us over the years. Among my favorites are his towers of color. Vertical slim cones of pure natural gem colors cut and polished as united wholes.

Marty comes to design creation with the most pure design aesthetic of any jewelry craftsman I know. He is gem cutter and jeweler in one, cutting gems together with gold and silver.

I’ve known Marty for 30 years. I think of him like he’s one of my kids. Marty is bright, sharp, always thinking. Marty is a world class gem cutter. One of the things Marty will be remembered for are his towers of incredible gem colors. Not all of us will get to be remembered in an historic way. Marty is one of those people.

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