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Earring Details

Item#: EX3094NS

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Gems: Maine Sea Glass

Size: 1 1/8″ (from top of french wire to bottom of earring)



Sea Glass Lighthouse Earrings

Style #: EX3094


The light, pure silver, sweeping,
Reaching into the night.

These are real Maine sea glass collected by a mom and her two young sons. Cut, polished, and assembled by the dad right here in Maine.


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Earring Details

Item#: EX3094NS

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Gems: Maine Sea Glass

Size: 1 1/8″ (from top of french wire to bottom of earring)



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A Mom, Her Kids,
and their Jeweler Dad
The Origin of Our
Sea Glass Lighthouse
Necklace & Earrings

Summers in Maine, a mom, and her two young sons picked up sea glass on beaches in Cape Elizabeth. After years of collecting, bags of real Maine sea glass were stored in the attic and almost forgotten.

The dad, Marty, is a fine art gem cutter. One day a neighbor who was familiar with his work asked him to make her a lighthouse necklace out of sea glass. Marty thought about the bags of sea glass in his attic and made his first Sea Glass Lighthouse for her. It was so beautiful, that he made a second lighthouse and brought it in to show it to us. We were delighted with his new piece and asked him to make more. Initially, he was reluctant because his first love is fine art gem cutting. He agreed to start making them for us and the rest is, as they say, history.

Maine has 65 lighthouses.
Maine also has a 3,478-mile coastline
of prime beach glass hunting shorefront,
the combination is a perfect symbol of a
welcome home to Maine.

Sea Glass Lighthouse

Marty’s original Sea Glass Lighthouse necklace was made in sterling silver. The lighthouse was an intarsia of the four most prevalent sea glass colors, light blue, blue, green, and brown, with a silver light tower at the top. He soon began making earrings as well.

Over the years, we would get requests for our Sea Glass Lighthouses in gold. A few years ago, we went back to Marty and asked him what the details would be to make them. He created a set of gold lighthouses and we have shown them ever since. The gold light tower at the top now becomes the light of the lighthouse at golden sunrise and sunset.

Portland Headlight — Ram Island Light “Marty’s Light”

Thanks, Martin

There are two lighthouses at the entrance to Portland Harbor: Portland Headlight on the left, and Ram Island Light on the right. Marty lives less than 2 miles from both lighthouses. We call the Ram Island Light “Marty’s Light”.

Marty said something when I placed our order. He said, “Thank you.” He’s said thank you many times before, but this time he said thank you three times. I really felt how much he meant it. I said, “You’re welcome.” I too felt grateful for having this deep long-term working relationship and how the things he designs, makes, and creates relate to everything we do. Thank you, Martin, for being there all these years.

Symbols of Hope, Good Directions,
and a Heartfelt Welcome Home

Lighthouses are saviors.
Lighthouses say caution: rocks, shoals, danger.
Lighthouses say beware.
Lighthouses say this is the way home.

They are sturdy, solid, and an anchor for life at sea. By their presence, lighthouses welcome us by day and they caution and save us by night. Lighthouses are solid, steadfast, and, some might say, brave too, facing the storm and waves, shining their light of hope, good direction and welcome home.

All of Maine’s Lighthouses on an Interactive Map

For fun we plotted each Maine Lighthouse on a map and were surprised by some of the lighthouse locations.

2) Maine’s Lighthouse Day: Two dozen Maine lighthouses open to tours. Walk up the spiral stairs. Really grand views.
3) Take a Maine Lighthouse Boat Tour to see the lighthouses from the water.

Lighthouse Checklist

For the list of all Maine lighthouses click here. Enter your email address in the form provided and we’ll email you a copy of the checklist.

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