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Earring Details

Item#: X4156

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gems: 4.5mm Pink & Green Maine Tourmaline

Port & Starboard Maine Tourmaline Earrings

Item #: X4156

If you love the ocean and you sail, motor, kayak or row a boat, you should know port and starboard. You should know it instantly in an ocean emergency and have it right, absolutely right, every time, with no hesitation or equivocation of mind. Here is how to remember every time when sailing up the coast of Maine: port is always left.

To position your Port and Starboard earrings properly:

“P” is for port, “P” is for pink.
Sailing northeast in Maine port is on the left
And pink is in the left ear.

Be sure to put them in the correct ear,
otherwise, sailors will get confused and run right into you.


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Earring Details

Item#: X4156

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gems: 4.5mm Pink & Green Maine Tourmaline

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Here is a telling sea story:

An old ship captain, after years of good service, dies…

He was one of the most revered captains in his nearly 50 year career. The crew had little idea what to do with all his belongings gathered from all the countries he’s visited.

After a few weeks of talking it through with the crew and family, the first mate remembers a weird habit the captain had.

Every single time, just before docking, the captain took out a small locket from his jacket pocket, looked at it, and put it back.

In all his time with the captain he never asked what was in the locket.

After looking through the boxes of his clothes they fished out a jacket.
Finding the jacket and the locket within, the first mate, for the fist time in his time knowing the captain, opens it.

All that is in the locket are 4 words: “Port = left. Starboard = right.”


A Great Idea

Many years ago, after selling Maine tourmaline for a dozen years, a customer said, “Why don’t you make a pair of pink and green Maine tourmaline ‘Port and Starboard’ earrings?” What a hoot we thought. We made up a pair and sold them the first day. We made a second pair and sold them quickly too. Over the years we’ve sold hundreds to passionate sailors.

If you love the ocean, if you have anything to do with boats consider a pair of Port and Starboard Pink and Green Maine Tourmaline set in our comfy smooth 3-prong Martini style earrings.


Martini Style Earrings

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