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Bracelet Details

Item#: X4169
Precious Metal: Sterling Silver
Gems: 8 – 16x12mm oval Maine coast stones
Length: Adjustable 7″, 7.5″, or 8″ with toggle clasp

Beach Dog Bracelet, Sterling Silver

Style #: X4169

Symbol of Your Happiest Moments
With Your Dog at the Beach

Who knows why or what the dog thinks? You just know your dog’s joy. Your dog has an hour at the shore. He runs, circles, chases, sniffs, shadows, and shares. There’s sand and rocks and waves. You’re their escort and chauffeur. You walk slowly upright, your dog races close to the ground. Your dog will meet a dozen new friends quickly, they all know each other well. Each is a pure package of energy, we share some of their purest joy and energy, even if we don’t fully understand.

The bracelet’s Maine coast beach stones are acquired from choice locations along our shores. Cut and polished to wet rock brilliance, we set 8 stones of beach dog colors in sterling silver. With a toggle bar and catch ring, our 7.5” bracelet is worn loose, collar style, and fits 90% of all women perfectly.


Each bracelet comes with a dog paw print charm securely attached to the end of the bracelet.


Matinicus Chocolate Lab
Dog Beach Stone

The chocolate lab stone came from a remote Maine island inhabited by lobstermen and their families. To get to this island, a ferry goes out once a month, or you can take a small plane out anytime.

We spent three days there and hiked the entire perimeter of the island. We found a purple lavender stone. Had never seen anything like it. We collected about two hundred pounds of this stone. It took a second flight back to the mainland to secure all we had found.

Back at our Portland shop we cut and polished our first stone. At first we were disappointed, the lavender color went away in polishing and we were left with a chocolate color. We named the stone, Chocolate Lab.

Every stone in our bracelet has a deep origin story. We share this chocolate lab stone story because it was this stone that inspired us to create the Beach Dog Bracelet.



Beach Dog Bracelet
Eight dog colors, real Maine coast beach stones set in sterling silver. Adjustable length 7″, 7.5″, or 8″ with toggle clasp fit’s most women perfectly.


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Bracelet Details

Item#: X4169
Precious Metal: Sterling Silver
Gems: 8 – 16x12mm oval Maine coast stones
Length: Adjustable 7″, 7.5″, or 8″ with toggle clasp

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Rex, is ready to go anytime, anyplace, as long as it’s with you. He’s happy to see you no matter what you’re wearing, no matter what kind of hairdo you have, its color, or how it was cut. He loves you no matter what.

Rex, is thrilled to be at the lake, at the ocean, exploring the woods or fields. He thinks you’re the smartest person on earth. He absolutely, positively, totally adores you and has shown you every day of his life how much you mean to him.

This is Rex, our Cross Jewelers store mascot.

Meg and Butch

Best Friends

Got a dog? Got a best friend? I’ll bet they are the same! Come home, had a tough day at work? Your dog is thrilled to see you, will listen for hours, and never intrudes. No matter what you say, or how you say it, he will love you anyway. All he asks is to go for a walk, have his supper, and have his back scratched. You are the adored, and you know it.

The Beach Dog Bracelet
And the Mysteries of Human Joy

Go to the beach and it’s a good thing. Go to the beach with a dog and it’s the purest form of wild, raucous joy you can ever experience on the beach or anywhere else. Take a stick or yellow tennis ball, no instruction book required….throw and wait, throw and wait, patterns begin to form…dog in ecstasy…you in exquisite joy.

Dog at beach is pure joy. In curls and swirls, and fur, and running legs, and flying tail. This bracelet is made from Maine coast stones in natural dog colors, cut and polished to wet rock brilliance.

Our Beach Stones &
Their Colors Are Real

Eight Dog Colors

Real Maine Coast beach stones
Set in sterling silver or 14K yellow gold.

All worn together as a pack
Running, racing, chasing, frolicking in the waves.
You get to keep the pack close to you on your wrist,
Close to your heart…pure joy.

Beach Dogs Come in All Sizes

You’ve got a dog. You know how you feel about your dog. How delighted your dog is to see you after you’ve done your eight-hour day. This Beach Dog bracelet is a great way to honor the relationship.

All beach dog stones were found along the coast of Maine, were cut and polished and tested here in Portland, Maine. The bracelet is 100% authentic.

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