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Isle au Haut is off the mid-coast of Maine. A major portion of the island is part of Acadia National Park. You can reach this island by Mailboat out of Stonington. This photo was taken on a lovely August day.

Twenty five years ago we began a truly serious exploration of the coast of Maine. Most spring and summer weekends my son and I would pack up and head out to some new destination, hiking some of the most remote and inaccessible portions of our coast and off shore islands.

With notebook, Nikon camera and a backpack we gathered ideas, took pictures and collected some truly lovely rocks along the way. The early explorations became the foundation for our jewelry inspired by the coast of Maine, an amazing collection of jewelry that captures the heart, soul, and spirit of Maine’s coast.

R.H.P – 4th generation Cross family.


We have spent years exploring Maine’s coast and islands while collecting beautiful beach stones which we have cut and polished into our many Maine Coast designs.

The Maine coast is the worlds capital for everything lobster.

Nature is such a great artist, creating shapes and forms so wondrous and pure. We recreate precision miniatures in silver and gold jewelry as a special way to hold your memories and time spent at the shore.

Symbol and form, nautical motifs express deeper meaning and some of our most cherished human emotions.

Top Maine Coast Inspired Jewelry:

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The French Daisy Necklace X2542

Love Knot Necklace, Gold X1082

All Hands on Deck - Turk's Head Bracelet, Silver X3202

The Perfect Wave Necklace

Lighthouse Lover's Lifesaver Necklace X4090