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Visit All of Maine’s Lighthouses

Maine Lighthouse Grand Tour Checklist


We have 68 Lighthouses in Maine guarding 3,478 miles of tidal coastline and over 3,000 islands. Visiting these beacons by the sea is a great way to explore the length of the Maine coast. If you truly visit them all, it will be an adventure by car, boat, maybe even by plane.

We’ve put together a map (below) showing the locations of all 68 lighthouses as well as a Maine Lighthouse Grand Tour Checklist.

List of all lighthouse in Maine


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Print it, see how many you’ve already visited and begin checking off new ones. Some by land, others by sea – heck you could rent a plane for a scenic flight to reach some of the hard to get to lighthouses. Consider Penobscott Island Air or Scenic Flights of Acadia, they are well positioned in the mid-coast to take in a group of island lighthouses by air.


Map Showing All of Maine’s Lighthouses


After plotting each lighthouse on the map we were surprised to learn that Maine has a lighthouse on a lake – Ladies Delight Lighthouse on Lake Cobbosseecontee. It was also interesting to see lighthouses along rivers; it makes sense when considering several Maine rivers were major transportation routes in the nineteenth and early 20th century.

Four lighthouses dot the Kennebec River. At one time, ice harvesting and ship building were major industries along the Kennebec.


Maine Open Lighthouse Day

Climb the spiral staircase to the top of a lighthouse on Maine Open Lighthouse Day. This event typically takes place in the early fall and is organized by the American Lighthouse Foundation. Details on their website.

Spend the Night at a Maine Lighthouse

A number of Keepers Quarters have been turned into overnight guest accommodations. Some are more rustic than others so do your research and be prepared. Any one of the options listed below is a bucket list experience.

Seguin Island Light

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Whitehead Light Station

Burnt Coat Harbor Light Station

Little River Lighthouse

Goose Rocks Lighthouse

Isle au Haut Lighthouse


Lighthouse Lure


Europe has castles, America has lighthouses. People are drawn to these monuments by the sea. The lights speak to an age when so many livelihoods depended on the ocean and overcoming its tempestuous moods.

Imagine being on a wooden ship two-hundred years ago on a moonless night with whipping winds, steady rain, swells rolling under the hull, and knowing you are close to a rocky coastline. No motor. No satellite map to assist. A beam of flashing light, or the rhythmic boom of a foghorn in the distance would be the most welcome reassurance. Your guide for a safe return home.

Lighthouse Jewelry


We are a jewelers based in Portland, Maine and have a soul-felt connection with the sea. Many of the pieces we make and create take inspiration from Maine and the ocean playground we enjoy on weekends and summer vacations.

In the 1990’s we developed a bracelet made with beach stones collected along the length of the Maine Coast. We spent years searching for the best stones. We explored by car, boat and even helicopter. This adventure led us to areas off the beaten path and cemented our love for the Maine coast. Maine is a special place, if you live here or have visited you know.

We put together the Maine Lighthouse Grand Tour Checklist as a way to encourage the exploration of Maine’s rugged and wild coast. Use it to facilitate discovery. The joy is in the journey. Race to the finish and you’ll miss out on rich experiences.

Below are several lighthouse pieces of jewelry. Why does one give or acquire a piece of lighthouse jewelry? The reasons are many – love of and connection to a place, a commemorative of a cherished experience, a symbol of hope, a symbol of welcome home, a symbol of strength in the face of adversity. Lighthouses capture the imagination.

Lighthouse Sea Glass Pendant

Gold or Silver


Lighthouse Necklace
Safe and Sound, Home is Near


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