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1. Monday – Friday Email

Our email friends are always the first to know. We always show our most loved jewelry designs. It may be a one-of-a-kind, exotic, and rare. It could be the first showing of a new collection, fresh off the jeweler’s bench. We share and show some of our best jewelry and reveal some of our closest-held secrets.

2. Surprise Saturday Email

Could be a world premier showing of a new design. It could be the very last piece of deeply loved archival jewelry. Or it might be a single-choice item of antique estate jewelry.

3. Sunday Hidden Maine

Places we love in Maine and often places only locals know. We show a still picture and a video of each spot. Often we tell you exactly where, and sometimes we won’t… we can’t because it’s private property. Yes, private, but still pretty. We show no jewelry; nothing is ever for sale on Sunday.

What our email friends
say about our daily emails:


A beautiful story; a radiant necklace to say the least! Someone in your organization has the gift of vivid prose. Rare in these days of corporate “copy” & instant ‘net gratification. It’s no wonder that such intriguing work is being penned in the comparatively unspoiled –& a little slower– environs of Maine.

– Edward from CO


Hello and wow! Your company emails delight my day. Thank you and best wishes.

– Joan from ME


I get these emails every day and, despite my current lack of need/ use for jewelry, I read them. I enjoy the weekend Hidden Maine ones. I admire the creative energy of the writing almost as much as the jewelry.

But this one was particularly good. I am not likely to become a father and, as I mentioned, I don’t currently have much use for jewelry. So I will just say Thanks.

– Bob from SC


Could you possibly resend me yesterday’s teaser, Vikings in Maine. I removed it accidentally before reading it. I hate to miss any of these stories!

– Patricia from ME


Every Sunday I wait for your emails. And I wonder, why are you a jeweler and not an author? This is such a great story, article, discovery. I am initially intrigued by the Dutch door. I save pictures and hardware of Dutch doors on Pinterest! I have wanted one in my home but will eventually, hopefully have one in my garden shed. The description catches me and I am imagining the wet bar, your lovely home, the cliff and the threatening surf. The video isn’t long enough. I replay it and I want to see more! I love the suspense!

– Carol from WI


Cross has been my Covid companion making the stressful days pass magically with your emails. You have helped with every purchase and I thank you.

– Debbie from NH


Simply and Completely Beautiful. When I received the email regarding the Himalayan Snow White Aquamarine Crystal, the decision to purchase was instant. I have a deep love for nature and the treasures that Mother Earth has given us, and this piece is no exception. It was even more beautiful than I thought it would be when I opened the box. I will wear to work for the first time tomorrow and I expect it will be noticed. The icy white with the soft hint of blue is stunning along with the lovely sterling silver cloud setting. Thank you for making such a lovely piece.

– JL from MA


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What People Say About our Jewelry
100 Five Star Reviews

Lady Captain’s Eureka Blue Maine Tourmaline Ring

I love it! It is from Newry Maine and I have lived her all of my life so far.  -Loretta

Fair Winds & Following Seas Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

I have always wanted a sapphire ring. I have been looking at the Cross website for weeks and finally settled on this ring. I loved it from the moment I put it on. It really is exactly what I wanted!  -Cheryl S.

Medium True Love Knot Earrings

The earrings are beautiful. My wife hasn’t taken them off since she got them. Service was great, the packing and shipping were fantastic.  -Thomas M.

Wild Seas Lighthouse Necklace – Safe and Sound, Home is Near

What a great design and so artistic! My wife loved it! Well done.  -Douglas M.

Morning Sun, Forever Beach Bracelet

My wife loved the bracelet. We have made many purchases from Cross over the years and my wife said this was one of her favorites.  -Kurtis B.

Dragon’s Tail Necklace, Protection From Beasts in the Night

Absolutely adore this necklace. One of a kind. Haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s my daughters birth stone and future grandsons.  -Laura E.

Fortune Teller’s Gypsy Gold Hoop Earrings

Nice weight, solid, classic style.  -Sandra W.

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