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The collection statement:

“My Grandfather was a
Clipper Ship Sea Captain”

Keith stopped into our store, March 2014. He said by way of introduction, “My great-great-grandfather was a clipper ship sea captain from Maine. I go to the gem fields of the Far East, same ports he sailed to. I buy gems, bring them back to New England, design and make my own jewelry.”

He showed us what he made, told us his prices, and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. The values are amazing. The gems, the colors, the designs, the quality and Keith’s philosophy, low-profile, close, comfortable, solid, safe and secure make his collection the fastest selling value pieces we’ve ever carried.

Everything in the Clipper Ship collection is old Yankee, sharp pencil, Trade Wind pricing, meaning; Great Values. $817, $1,103, $1,672.

Trade Wind pricing is Keith figuring everything to the closest, most conservative dollar and then pricing it to exact dollars. We’ve never seen anything like it. Value priced so well, some days we sell 5, 6, 7 pieces. At that rate you can imagine how quickly the Clipper Ship Jewelry moves.


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