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The French Daisy

Love’s True Destiny Revealed in a Single Flower

She sits in a field; hair kissed gold by the setting sun. A single flower rests in her hand; dreams swirl with the clouds above as she begins to pluck, revealing the true heart of the one she loves. She wants to know. She needs to know. She must know.

             The French Daisy Love Poem

             He loves me a little.

             He loves me a lot.

             He loves me passionately.

             He loves me madly.

             He loves me not at all.

She continues around the flower, love’s fate hangs in the balance of the few remaining petals. Her heart skips. The final petals fall, and love’s true destiny is revealed, “He loves me passionately”. Read More…

My Center of the Universe

Blue Sapphire Necklaces

She’s been with you for what feels like forever, and it’s still getting better with the passing years. That first time you caught her out of the corner of your eye… the thought, just the possibility, stayed with you, and when you saw her again a few days later, you spoke. It was the most important conversation of your life.

My Center of the Universe is a precious center gem with concentric circles echoing out. It’s also a compass, a homing device with points north and south, east and west, giving and providing direction. My Center of the Universe is sometimes silver, sometimes gold. We also create various sizes, so obviously, prices vary. It’s sweet, neat, not too large and not too small. It’s just right…perfect.

Highly wearable. Deeply meaningful.

Read More…

Blue Sapphire

Our blue sapphires come from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the large tropical island off the south eastern tip of India. Sri Lanka is the legendary island of Serendipity. Marco Polo visited the island in 1293 because he had heard stories during his 17 years in China of astonishing wealth in gems simply lying on the river banks. Our liveliest, brightest blue sapphires come from Sri Lanka.




Where Does Time Go to Rest?
Island Dream Necklace

Time goes to a place where the four winds are free
To meet and play in the tree tops and dance with the full moon.
Listen closely for the faint familiar music you hear…
The trees are whispering their island dreams into the night wind.

Island spruce, hand-pierced from sterling silver.
14K yellow gold moon.
18-inch sterling silver chain.


Maine Island Magic

The image of a pristine perfect island off the coast of Maine seems like the ideal spot. It would be your own kingdom of spruce trees surrounded by blue water. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have spent summers on your island or perhaps it’s a dream you have yet to realize. Our Island Dream necklace is a talisman of serenity and peace and a place we all imagine we may be privileged to visit one day.

This is One of the Most Precious
Little Spruce Clad Islands
on the Maine Coast

Photo of a delightful little island at Lookout Point, on the west side of Harpswell. Part of its magic is its tight cluster of spruce trees. The other part of its magic is that for half of the day, the tide is out and you can walk to and around the island. The other half of the day the tide sweeps up Middle Bay and returns this tiny kingdom to island status.

There is a parking lot where you can park your car, enjoy a picnic lunch, and look out to the island. Time it for low tide and you can have your lunch on the island!

On our coast, there must be a thousand small islands with classic spruce trees like the one depicted on our Island Dream. This one is special because you can walk out to it for part of the day. Read More…

An American Best

We’re smart. We’re good. Some days we even feel brilliant. And yes, some days we actually are. We’re sharp enough, though, to recognize outside brilliance when we see it. This ring, for example, is called Essex and was crafted by a jewelry master. It’s aesthetically awesome, big blue cushion-cut sapphire chosen by us in a World search for gems, awesome blue, and amazing cutting for non-stop brilliance.

The supporting diamonds are natural, Earth mined gems, high white, submicroscopic clarity, and cut to the highest standards of Ideal. They are old classic Tolkowski proportions, achieving an American Gem Society 0 for maximum sparkle, brilliance, and shine.

The ring is awesome in its size and class. It rates as the best in America today. If you are seeking a best-of-best ring, the Essex should be near or at the top of your list. On the hand at your next party or gathering out to dinner for two it will be breathtakingly beautiful. We guarantee it.

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

The gems we choose for Essex are the best of the best. In this ring, we have a Cushion-cut 3.26 carat (8.7 x 7mm) rich, Royal Blue sapphire with precision cutting and great uniformity of brilliance. A top-performing blue sapphire.

We are particular when it comes to gems. Some might even call us fussy. We know we are particular when it comes to gem choice. We look at a thousand gems and choose one, then test it under daylight, and artificial light. We test for movement and performance. We test it for purity of blue and consistency of color. We are watching for the gem’s ability to handle light, capture, reflect, refract, and return light with geometric precision. Precise proportions are what result in beauty. It goes beyond simple mathematics and enters into art and a gem cutter’s love of his craft. We can see it; you will see it too.

There is a good, better, best, then there is exceptional and extraordinary. We choose gems for Essex based on their rarity and performance and ultimately their beauty. We are looking for that moment in the symphony when the orchestra has quieted and is waiting while the violin is given center stage. Each note is singular, pure, exultant. Each note is played to be heard with precision and clarity anticipating an audience that is truly listening. Our gems in an Essex are a masterful performance.

This blue sapphire and diamond Essex ring is made with all three gems set in platinum with an 18K yellow gold shank.

See current available Essex Sapphire Rings

Maine Blueberry* Stone

Necklace and Earrings

These are a hoot! They’re fun, playful, and such a surprise. Maine is known for a lot of things: moose, lobsters, and of course, wild blueberries. Last year 86 million pounds of blueberries were harvested here in Maine. That’s a lot of blueberry muffins. Maine is the wild blueberry capital of the world. So when we discovered this new stone we knew we just had to have it. It’s a salt and pepper granite with little blue azurite spheres nestled within. Cut and polished, the blueberries appear scattered beautifully across the surface as only nature can do…we’ve never seen anything quite like it. Set in sterling silver with 18″ chain. Every piece is different.

Blueberry lovers, rejoice.

*From Maine? No! We wish though! This is a magical new world gem. Read More…

This Week’s Kirkwood Surprise

Honey Bees

This morning at breakfast, she reached for the strawberry jam in the small glass containers and quickly added, “I’ll share because there is only marmalade left.” I looked, and there were three yellow containers. One was honey. It took twelve bees their entire lifetime to make this morning’s spoonful of honey. I used the honey on my English muffin and felt a deep sense of gratitude.

Honeybees accomplish the impossible; even their tiny wing size relative to their body mass has baffled aeronautic engineers for decades. The necklace is made with an additional touch of irony. The bees’ bodies we’re carved out of fossilized walrus ivory. Think of the weight of a walrus. A bee’s body would be the last thing you’d think to carve from a walrus tusk, and yet it is a fitting choice given the engineer’s puzzle.

The bee’s necklace is all sterling silver, with legs and wing edges gold plated. The bees are active, like they are in a hive. All the bees are facing the mystery in the center, a natural red garnet, kind of like a honey cell. The backs of the bees’ bodies have three gold-colored rivets on each bee, holding the bees’ walrus ivory bodies secure to the piece.

Bees are a powerful symbol of life on Earth. Artistically, this piece is intense. If you like bees, and enjoy honey, or are at peace with a field of flowers with bees buzzing about, then you may be an ideal candidate for this necklace. The piece is a whisker larger than a silver dollar which means it’s a serious size. When you wear it, you and it will be noticed. Study up on bees; they will make for fascinating conversation at your next cocktail party. You can be the bee expert. We put this on what appears to be a delicate chain, our 18” Cross petite tiff chain. It’s so strong that it can support my five-pound mushroom kayak anchor.

Why We Love this Piece.

Like honey, this is a dense concentration of beauty and energy. Detail: there’s a lot to look at, a lot to study and think about. Choose this only if you’re ready to brush up on bees because there is a wealth of conversation embedded in this piece of jewelry. It also becomes your opportunity to test the person who comments on your new treasure. You will become aware of their depth, their interest, and their willingness to discuss and discover all important details in finding new friends.

Style # KW731
Price: $295.00

We sell and ship these pieces with fossilized walrus tusks to all states in the United States except California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington. These states have laws and we respect their rules. Read More…

The Most Photographed Lighthouse
in America

This is Portland Headlight, Maine’s most iconic lighthouse. This photograph was taken on an August afternoon. The video is from January 17, 2022, following a fierce storm that blew red shingles off the lighthouse’s roof. The video was taken late in the day. The rain had stopped, the wind had died down, and blue sky was showing. The tide was in retreat, and the waves at Portland Headlight were still big. We often have some of our most dramatic surf in the winter.

Hidden Maine
Beauty is all Around

We live in an amazing place, Maine. There is a hidden beauty here, sometimes just a few hundred feet from places we all know, or have seen on calendars and postcards. We thought, in these times of restricted travel, we would share secret places, here in Maine, places that often, only locals know. We will be sending these “Hidden Maine” secret places emails on Sundays. Usually, these emails will feature no jewelry, nothing we’re trying to sell or promote. For reasons of privacy, sometimes we won’t tell you where the location of the secret place is. Often, we will provide general clues for the location, sometimes driving and parking directions. Sometimes we will give you GPS coordinates.


Cross Emails

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