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Maria was Right


Maria was warm engaging. She beamed sunshine and welcome. We chose several things. Then she pointed out the wave. I said “No”. She said “Let me have Adriana try it on. You’ll see.” Maria clasped the necklace for Adriana. The piece glowed. Adriana glowed. They were beautiful together. The curls the swirls, the light and dark, the shadow and light played across the surface. I couldn’t resist. We ordered two dozen. Sold them all in a few weeks. We now have more.

Buy the necklace, it’s the prettiest of the three pieces because of the way it plays with light when you move. The promise, Wear the necklace and you’ll get a dozen compliments the first evening out. The even bigger promise, for all your dinner dates for years to come, 100s then 1000s of comments, compliments. And who doesn’t like a compliment.


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Island Dreams


We have just completed a new group of Island Dreams necklaces, all hand made, and all beautiful. Island Dreams is the perfect wearable size: not too big, not too small, easily seen, great conversation piece. You get to talk about your island or your dream, or both…a nice conversation starter. We have sixty-four ready to ship. Sixty-four sounds like a lot, remember though, this is our top seller of 2020. Don’t wait.

Where Does Time Go to Rest?
Island Dreams Necklace


Time goes to a place where the four winds are free
To meet and play in the tree tops and dance with the full moon.
Listen closely for the faint familiar music you hear…
The trees are whispering their island dreams into the night wind.

Island spruce, hand-pierced from sterling silver.
14K yellow gold moon.
18-inch sterling silver chain.


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The Tale of the Black Prince Ruby
The World’s Most Famous “Ruby”

The Black Prince, a soldier of fortune, was England’s conquering hero in the 14th century. In 1367, Spain needed help. The Black Prince took his army to Spain, and turned the tide in that war.

Spain thanked him by giving him the world’s largest ruby, or so they thought, and so England and the Black Prince thought. England was convinced it was a ruby for nearly 500 years. In 1937, the “Ruby” at 170 carats and the size of a hen’s egg, was in 1937 set into a new lighter, more wearable Imperial State Crown of England, set above the world’s second largest D Flawless diamond, The Cullinan II.

At 317 carats, the Cullinan II Diamond is an impressive gem. Millions come to the Tower of London to view the crown every year. They come to see the crown and the diamond, but everyone is captivated by the huge blood red gem and its 650 year history.

Sometime in the 19th century, someone thought to test the red gem in the crown. With advanced gemological testing the “Black Prince Ruby”, the most famous ruby in the world, was conclusively proven to be a huge red spinel, a natural gem and a chemical and optical first cousin to ruby.

Spinel is a beautiful gem. It comes in all colors and has a high refractive index which makes it super brilliant. Spinel, in all its colors, is much rarer than a ruby or sapphire. Rarity usually makes a gem more valuable if it’s also beautiful.

Black Prince Ruby
Red Spinel & Diamond Necklace

This necklace is exquisite. The diamonds have been assembled to provide a brilliant white gem frame to present the Black Prince Ruby (spinel). The center gem is .93 carat. Its cushion cut is beautifully accented in radiant red. Twenty-one diamonds equal .20 carat total weight. All set in 14K white gold with an 18-inch 14K white gold chain.


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Moonlight on the Sea Pendant
We are Moon Watchers at Cross Jewelers

I think this simple rustic piece showing waves sweeping ashore, with its gnarly rough night background antiqued black, and with a big old moon hanging in the sky low to the horizon, is one of the most romantic pieces we have.

The moon glows blue in the night sky, the waves are high polished silver. I can hear the waves. I can smell the salt air.

Part of what I love about this piece is it’s not pristine-jeweler-perfect-form. I love its rustic, real presence, and when worn, it simply attracts the eye. We guarantee it will draw attention, even guys will ask about it and when they do, it’s up to you to hold your half of the conversation. The piece is not too big, not too small, it’s just right.
– R.H.P. Owner Cross Jewelers

Moonbeams and Moonstone

Moonstone is named after its amazing visual properties. Looking at a moonstone is akin to looking at the moon itself. In Hindu mythology moonstone is said to be made of moonbeams traveling to earth made solid. As light moves across the surface the light within takes on a life of its own capturing the moon’s spirit and personality. Each of our Moonlight on the Sea pendants show natural inclusions, it’s part of the allure, magic and charm of this gem.
Did you know? Thursday, May 7 is the last supermoon of 2020.

The May moon is called the Flower Moon, for all of nature’s flowers that bloom in May. It’s a bigger, brighter moon than the rest of the year. This year the moon in May appears 7% bigger and is 15% brighter, so go out and get a good look next week.

Our other real story is about a secret beach here in Maine where real Moonstones roll in the surf.

A Secret Beach

Ten, fifteen years ago I told my staff where Moonstone Beach is. No one was paying attention. That’s good because after we recently cut and polished a moonstone from this beach and then set it in white gold and surrounded it with diamonds everyone wanted directions to this secret beach.

It’s best no-one knows, so I don’t say, and I won’t tell. If the world knew, the beach would be overrun and forever changed.
I will be going back one of these days, to one of the two places in Maine I know where moonstones roll in the surf on sunny days and beneath star-filled skies on moonlit nights. I’m tempted to bring my row boat to go out beyond the breakers for a night row. No one knows where this beach is. I was sworn to secrecy by a jeweler friend. His motives were noble. He said, “Tell no-one. If they knew, people would come for the wrong reasons. They would stop seeing the ocean, stop seeing the waves on the shore. Adults would take over beach activities. Kids would be pushed aside.”

Here is the irony; kids already know there are gems on this beach. I’ve been there summer days. Kids are good scientists. They are close to the earth. They know things. They tell their parents about what they are finding. I listened in those three days that I was at Moonstone Beach as armies of fourth grade scientists were explaining to big people what was there, in rocks and mineral gems and gold and silver*. The kids might as well have said, “I just caught a two headed sea serpent, can I take it home?” Their parents humor them. The parents come to this beach oblivious to what’s really there. I have found gem garnet, pink tourmaline, and moonstone. I suspect the kids know more than I do.

So yes, when I go, I’ll bring my row boat, slide it out of the pickup, slip it into the sea one calm clear night at high tide when the moon is full, to row in Moonstone Cove. To glide over a tide-filled Moonstone Beach where hundreds of moonstones roll in the sands beneath the waves.

Nothing of what I have just said should give you reason to consider owning this pendant. The moonstones are not from Maine, but rather from India. The moon and moonstone is about power and pull, the give and take of our nearest celestial neighbor. The moon is about time and tides. The average human lifespan is 78 years which means we live a thousand full moons.

* The kids claimed gold and silver. I am certain they are mistaken I’m certain they are wrong, I am certain they were seeing flecks of silver and gold mica – but heck, I’m just a big person.

Moonstone Found
At Moonstone Beach
In Maine

Shown above is our Maine moonstone from this secret beach . This moonstone is nice, the best in the world? Not at all, but it is moonstone from Maine never the less. Our moonstone diamond necklace is on display in our Portland, Maine store. You may touch, you may try on, but it’s not for sale.

Moonstone from Maine is not available in quantity or quality. For the finest moonstones, we source our gems from the other side of the world. Moonstones are magical with billowy light that floats within the gem.

More on the Secret Beach

For the deeper story of Maine’s secret Moonstone Beach click on any piece of Moonstone jewelry. We have a lot written about this beach and, no matter what, we still won’t tell you where it is.


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