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Your Invitation to “Hidden Maine”

Below we share a special Thanksgiving Day email that we sent to our 15,000 subscribers. It’s similar to a series of emails we send on Sunday each week called, Hidden Maine.

In Hidden Maine, we go outside of our store into the wilds of Maine and take pretty pictures and videos. Sometimes we tell you where, sometimes we don’t.

You can sign up for Hidden Maine at the end of this page. It’s free of course.



For Certain

“Christmas Is Coming”
And Today You Officially Begin
Really Seriously Thinking, Planning


We know there is one person on your list who requires extra special attention and consideration for Christmas. For her, we suggest a visit to our website where we show our best jewelry collection ever, a thousand unique items, over 4,000 items ready to ship. We have our new 90-Day Return / Exchange option and safe, fast, free shipping anywhere USA. Easy, Easy, Easy

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas


Christmas Packages
By the Sea


Why are these Christmas packages out on the cliff by the sea? For thirty years, twelve of us have occupied a single floor in our 3-story Cross building. When we tried to imagine how we would re-occupy our building 18 months ago, we realized we had ample space to allow for social distancing, we just needed to do some house cleaning.

In our Cross showroom, in season, we had a Christmas tree with wrapped packages. We also had street-side store windows with Christmas trees and more packages. The wrapped boxes with bows were big and occupied a lot of room that we now needed for our people. To make room, we filled my pickup truck with them. The truck looked like Santa’s sleigh. It was beautiful with all the colors. It seemed so sad to simply go to the dump and toss all this Christmas magic.


The next morning the sky was blue, the sun was full on this Saturday in February. Looking down from my full truck, the ocean was aglow with brilliant sparkling light and the snow from two nights before was fresh. So, of course, I drove the truck down to the cliffs with forty big Christmas packages with blue and green paper, red and gold paper, with big satin bows. I don’t believe anyone saw me and in the hour I was there setting up Christmas boxes and shooting pictures no one drove by. And while you can’t visit us this Christmas to see all the color and wonder because our store showroom is still closed, we can share with you this moment of magic by the sea.

Tromping back down the hill to the pickup truck took many trips. When I arrived at the dump (we have compactors) the dump master came over as I got out of the truck and started to unload. He said, “I’m sure there’s an interesting story here.” Then he said, “Is there anything of value inside the boxes?”

Never did the inside of a compactor look so beautiful.


Watch the Video of Christmas Packages by the Sea


Cross’ 90-Day Christmas Magic

We box and bow thousands of awesome gifts of jewelry every year. There’s magic in the mystery and there’s mystery in every box, and yes, there’s a lot of value, too. Think about who’s on your list and how you can make her day. All of our Christmas gifts of jewelry come in small cream colored boxes with a satin burgundy bow. Check out our website, over 4,000 items ready to ship. You can click and buy 24/7, you can call us Monday – Saturday now until Christmas, except today, Thanksgiving, we are all home.

Shipping anywhere USA is fast, safe and free.

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