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Maine Gem Mining Videos

The River of Gems

Incredible video of gem tourmaline crystals being unearthed. Mint green teal crystals like nothing you’ve ever seen. These gems are being found just 28 miles from our Portland, Maine store.


Ice Cream Sundae Pocket

I sat at the edge of this new pocket watching four guys taking turns reaching in and pulling handfuls of green crystals one after another. I made the comment “I’ve always imagined this was what tourmaline mining was like” and they all laughed, you can hear their comments on our sixteen minute Ice Cream Sundae video.

Under the Road Pocket

April 1, 2016. Couldn’t believe it when he told us. Everyone was surprised…Tourmaline pocket found under the road leading to the mine.

Sean Extracting Big Tourmaline Crystals

Video shows Sean Sweeney, fine gemstone cutter, pulling three SparHawk Maine tourmaline crystals out of a gem pocket. He talks about the pocket and what he’s seeing.

Silver Dollar Pocket

Saturday night. June 8, 2013. Standing in line to buy a theater ticket. Phone rings. Voice says, “this is Jeff, we hit a pocket this afternoon, thought you might like to come up.” I said, “What time?” He said “8:30.”

Sunday morning at the mine, over cast 64 degrees, humid. The Silver Dollar Pocket is unlike anything I have ever seen at a gem mine in Maine. It has a cave like opening in the cliff wall. Dark. Mysterious.

Jeff has carried a 1924 silver dollar since he won it in a poker game 33 years ago. He placed in for size reference. I took a video with my iPhone.

Maine Amethyst Mining – Cold River Valley


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