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The Cross NASA
Opal Challenge

Precious Gems Discovered on Mars

NASA has just reported a major gem find on Mars. The Curiosity rover entered the Gale Crater and found seams of opal. We are challenging NASA to a quality competition. Their best opal from anywhere on Mars against any one of our Garden of Eden Opal from East Africa. The competition starts January 23rd, 2023 and extends for 10 years. NASA’s best versus any opal in our collection.

Space X and the Real Competition.

Here is what we believe, Musk’s mission to Mars through Space X is likely to put Space X in the lead position ahead of nation states to actually occupy Mars. So, we are extending our opal quality competition to Musk or any other nation state. Musk had set a date of 2029 for occupying Mars, which is just 6 years away, it fits nicely into our 10-year window. The competition is simple, it’s the best opal they can find anywhere on the planet Mars.

NASA can Choose the Judges.

The judges…can be their people. If they win, they get to keep our opal. If we win, we get to keep their gem. Our confidence in our challenge is the Garden of Eden Opal discovery represents the finest colored opal ever found on planet earth. Then again, we’re always searching for new best sources for gems. We would love to be first to offer Martian opals. Seeking an awesome opal today, check out our Garden of Eden Collection on our website.

View Earth’s best, Garden of Eden Opal Collection.


New wonders, new lands, new discoveries.

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