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True Love Knot Bracelet, Sterling Silver

Two strands of silver
Two lives side by side
Follow with the eye
Over, under, around and through
Returning to the beginning
Eternal like love.

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True Love Knot Bracelet

Born of a song of the sea and longing hearts


Two strands of silver
Two lives side by side
Follow with the eye
Over, under, around and through
Returning to the beginning
Eternal like love.

Cross’s True Love Knot

A symbol. Pure. Elemental like love. It is about longing and devotion, anticipation and return. It is about a man’s passion and his love for one woman.


The Legend of the True Love Knot

A man is in love. He’s far from home. He has a mission. It must be accomplished so that he may return. He knows that it is predestined that the wind will rise, the sea will follow, and in the darkest hour of the darkest night his lines will be tested and every knot he has tied must be true.


Early History

Days, weeks, sometimes months at sea, endless expanses of ocean, an eternity of sun and stars… time, like the sea, stretching forever… …Aboard the great sailing vessels of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there evolved an art form of knot tying.

Its practical roots… the thousands of feet of line necessary to operate and maintain the sails, and the knots which secured these lines. Every knot had to hold fast, it had to be secure… lives depended on it. If the crew was to return, their knots had to be true. It was only natural that as sailors practiced and mastered the art of tying knots that a group of knots would emerge to symbolize the ultimate security in life… love.

The true love knot is an enduring symbol of longing and devotion, embodying the timeless sense of anticipation and return. In the spirit of this classic symbol of love, we offer our contemporary version of the true love knot. Each piece in our collection is meticulously handcrafted, woven in silver; a miniature work of art.

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