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Necklace Details

Item#: X4312

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gem: 5x3mm Oval Citrine

Diamonds: 4 = .12 carat

Pendant Length: 3/4″

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

Silent Night Star Cross Citrine & Diamond Christian Cross Necklace

Style #: X4312

The Christmas pageants of childhood are still so vivid – jacket, tie, white shirt, button-down collar, hair combed and slicked back. The 1950’s felt rock solid, it felt like it was forever. Back to the Christmas pageant – there were the plays, reenactments of Joseph & Mary and the Christ child, and always, always there was the song “Silent Night”.

I can today, over 60 years later, hear the harmonica tuned to begin the song and a dozen little voices singing Silent Night. Back then sounds had color, voices echoed with love, and events carried meaning far greater than the event itself.

When Silent Night was sung, the sky darkened, stars shown, and the star that lead the wise men looked like our Silent Night Star Cross. The star was held by a 6-year-old, on the end of a long stick.

We designed this piece to look like the star I saw as a child in the night sky over the manger. We created this piece to accept a small 5x3mm faceted oval citrine. The finished Christian cross is as sweet and perfect as the song Silent Night. We make the Silent Night Star Cross always with 4 little diamonds surrounding. In the center, we set a glowing golden citrine.

If you are moved by the memory of Silent Night sung by a children’s choir this Christian cross may be the perfect piece for you.


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Necklace Details

Item#: X4312

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gem: 5x3mm Oval Citrine

Diamonds: 4 = .12 carat

Pendant Length: 3/4″

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

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The Color of Stars

I spent several hours one cool October evening out on a cliff by the sea. I had vortex binoculars and was waiting for moonrise to see one of the great eclipses of the moon in my lifetime. While waiting for moonrise, I watched stars and learned something I never knew… some stars twinkle in colors other than white. I saw blues and greens, yellows and oranges, and yes, I saw red stars twinkling. What I did not see were grape, purple, lavender, or orchid stars. I looked. It was beautiful, and yes, the moon came up. That was pretty good too.

The Silent Night Cross
& the Sunday Morning Train

The 4:10 train first arrives in a dream. Some nights, depending on the wind and its direction, I can hear steel on steel and the clickity-clack of tracks. Always, I can hear the whistle. The whistle fills the valley. A whistle at every train road crossing. The whistle comes in the open window, fills the room, touches everything, crowds into a dream, crowds close enough I wake to wonder where I am. A whistle loud enough to touch every tree, every leaf of every tree in the valley. Shrill, sharp, piercing – it strikes every leaf, top and bottom, rattling the molecules inside and on some microscopic level, the leaf trembles. The sound no more settles then the train is approaching another crossing and the sound, the whistle, travels out touching everything again in the valley.


Later, 8AM church bells ring from the churches in the valley, calling everyone to worship. The faithful will dress, Crosses adorned, then they walk to church – some with bibles in hand. They will stand, sing, sit, and kneel. As they lean forward they can feel the cross swing inches from their heart.

Silent Night Cross,
There is What Can Be Seen…

And then there is all that can’t be seen. What we can see is good, solid, wholesome, pure, true. The unseen…the mystery…the power, the force, the light and life. The unseen is felt, it echoes within, it tells stories. It tells stories about us and people we know, it speaks of heaven and as it does, the mystery deepens.

The cross is earthly, the gold is from the earth’s rivers and streams running fast. The diamonds are of the earth too – deep, deep, hundreds of feet down, frozen in the neck of ancient volcanoes. A spiritual treasure from the jewelers art, gold found, gems cut – it’s like magic.

Silent Night Star Cross

Two thousand years ago, a very long time ago. A star. A star in the night sky. A point of light moving across the dark, through the velvet night sky. A light seen by millions around the world. A light of wonder so precise, so brilliant. It has touched and moved half a world of humanity.

Christian Cross

With a name of Cross, “Cross Jewelers” – you wouldn’t think we would be surprised when we discovered the most searched for item on our website were Christian crosses. And yes, while we have some, we could – we should have more. The Christian crosses we do have, have been carefully considered and are extra special because our name is Cross. This is a very fine, really precious, petite Christian cross. All four arms of the cross come to a perfect point. In the center is an oval citrine with four high-white brilliant diamonds. The cross is 14K yellow gold on an 18” 14K yellow gold chain. Size is petite – north to south points fit on an American nickel perfectly – which is 18mm in diameter.

The Silent Night Christian Cross is appropriate for a teen, a young woman, or a woman who would like a light touch of Christianity – nothing too big or too showy. Its preciseness and precision makes the point beautifully.


Can You Make This in White Gold?

We’ve had several requests for the Silent Night Cross in silver and while we make many items in both gold and silver, we make Silent Night only in gold. We stock it in yellow gold. We can special make it in white gold as a non-returnable item. It’s the same price. Approximately 6 weeks to complete.

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