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Necklace Details

Item#:  X4147

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Citrine: 8mm round with a checkerboard faceted top.

Pendant Size: 1″ across

Chain: 18″ Sterling Silver

Sunrise by the Sea Necklace

Style #: X4147

The Power of Dawn

Morning. Eyes open. Light at the window. Consciousness rising, the dark world moving away from the shadows of night. The sky is bright orange-gold, and the sun is not up yet. I’m lucky, I live by the sea on an eastern shore in Maine. Shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt…I’m off to the cliffs. No breakfast, just out the door, down the hill, around the freshwater marsh to the cliffs and cove. I have a favorite sitting area. I’ve logged hundreds of hours, all times of the day. My favorite is morning.

My sitting area, my seat, is a bench, naturally carved into the rock with a comfortable back. At high tide, the ocean and waves are just 5 feet away. The rocks at the edge are amazing, bone white, towering two and a half stories above the sea.

I wait for the sky and clouds to be backlit. Mornings are always different, with colors morphing and changing. The tides are different. The waves ride to shore, curl, crest, and sweep up on the rocks. Why do I go? Because dawn at the shore is so beautiful. The sea and the sky are always changing. Occasionally, I bring a cup of coffee in a white mug to sit with me, most often I go just to be with the rising sun. The sunrise and the sea are so much more important than breakfast.

Morning at the Beach

Our family also has a cottage on a white sand beach. Our beach and the beach grass that grows by the shore are part of my sunrise. Walking out to the water with the early morning sun in the sky, beach grass is leaning in along the path, tickling legs. The sun on the water is sparkling. It’s all part of a Maine seashore sunrise.

Sunrise by the Sea

Our Sunrise by the Sea necklace is a perfect size, not too big, not too small. Exactly the size of an American quarter. The sun is gem sunrise citrine yellow-orange, 8mm, with a checkerboard faceted top. It’s the sun, big, orange as it rises out of the sea. The sky is antiqued dark with three cresting waves at the shore. An awesome welcome to a new day.

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Necklace Details

Item#:  X4147

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Citrine: 8mm round with a checkerboard faceted top.

Pendant Size: 1″ across

Chain: 18″ Sterling Silver

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A Two-Mile Hike Along the Shore
to Catch the Morning Sun

Spring, 1970. We spent the night at our family cottage by the sea. Restless, we got up before the sun and hiked across a sandy beach and across cliffs for two miles down the coast to a private cove to watch the sun rise out of the ocean. When you’re waiting, anticipating, it takes forever. I remember our thick sweaters, the dew forming on them in the damp morning air, and the waves washing into the cove. I remember waiting. She was a good sport.

Finally, the sun came, a fiery spark, red-orange flooding the sea with light. At dawn, the sea darkened the moment the sun broke the horizon. Everything darkened. Islands and boats became silhouettes. The sky held the sun and the sun raced up the sky. Finally, the sun broke free one diameter, then two. At the third diameter, we headed back to the cottage. We had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice with the family.

Sunrise at the ocean is often a Madeira-citrine-orange color. Certain memories stay with us forever, often when there is a measure of challenge, adversity, or discomfort. I remember clearly that two-mile hike a the crack of dawn.

Sunrise by the Sea

I wake to the sun almost every morning, even on what might turn out to be a cloudy day. On the coast, we often get 5 or 10 minutes of sun peeking through the clouds in the first hours of the day. At first, the land is black, the ocean is blue, then as the sun rises, the sun glides in an hourglass of sparkling light on the water, brilliant yellow silver. A cup of coffee to the waking sunrise is a good way to start the day.

The gem is brilliant yellow citrine, checkerboard cut.
The background is antiqued with silver speckles showing through.
In the foreground, three silver waves curl at the shore.

Great piece to wear. You will feel the promise of a new day. You will feel the warmth of the sun. You will feel the fresh salt air and the presence of the sea.

Mailbox Sunrise

I love my morning walk to the mailbox. I grab the newspaper and yesterday’s mail. It’s 45 seconds down and five minutes back. The sun catches me every day. I always bring my camera. This is essentially the same view and how the color of the sky changes with the position of the sun. It’s pure magic.

Every Necklace
Has a Story to Tell

Here is an admission; as a jeweler, it’s necklaces that I really notice because they tell such important and vivid stories of the wearer. Color, gems, shape, and size, every necklace has an important story to tell. Necklaces can say so much more than rings, earrings, or bracelets.

In this piece, you have the sun. It’s big, round, bright, brilliant, and lively, with a checkerboard cut gem that gives the rising orange color extra zing.

In the lower right, are three curling, cresting waves in high polished silver. The background is, and I love this, uncharacteristically “Cross”…it’s a gnarly textured surface that has been antiqued dark. This surface accepts antiquing wonderfully and provides a rich background for the drama of the orange gem sun and silver waves.

This piece, when worn, speaks to your worldliness, your spirit of adventure seeking out new places in the world to greet the rising sun, and yes, sometimes even the setting sun. Either way, sunrise or sunset, you’ll feel the power this piece bequeaths to you. Wear it in good health as you explore the world.

Sunrise by the Sea Necklace

Item#: X4147    $195

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