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Sterling Silver………X4207…..$165

14K Yellow Gold…..X4208…..$875


Each necklace comes with an 18″ chain.

The Cat’s Back Necklace

Item #: X4207

If You’ve Dearly Loved a Cat

I had a cat for 18 years. I learned the true meaning of love during my cat years, especially in the first few weeks. She was dependent upon me; she needed me. I was young, early twenties. I felt the responsibility, and I stepped up my game. I became a better person, and my cat became my best friend. It was nice having someone waiting for me at home. Her eagerness, excitement, and enthusiasm upon my arrival home was a joy I cherish even today, decades later.

When I first saw this necklace, it perfectly captured moments of my years of having a cat. It warmed my heart. If you have dearly loved a cat, I’m sure there’s something you feel too when you look at this piece.

The back pose of the three cats suggests deeper feelings between cats and humans than we often give credit to. The cat-human bond needs no words. It’s a relationship of pure emotions. There’s nothing like it.


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Necklace Details


Your Choice:


Sterling Silver………X4207…..$165

14K Yellow Gold…..X4208…..$875


Each necklace comes with an 18″ chain.

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The Cat’s Back

You know you have stories when your cat left one morning then was gone for a day, then two days went by. Somewhere in that anguish of time, you began to feel the loss, and just when you had resigned yourself to the loss, your cat came back.

The relief you felt: your heart melted, you were afraid, you were angry, you forgave, and your cat had no idea. Your cat was simply being a cat.


Perfect Size

Not too big, not too small. We call it Goldilocks perfect. The photo shows it held close. The width, outer tail left to outer tail right, is 1 1/8 inches (29mm). It’s a good size, easy to see but not too big. Looks great.


Several Cat Tales

We know you have great stories too!

My cat, Sybil, was with me for 18 years. She was my most loyal partner. We lived together in an apartment in the city for a year. I think she really hated the apartment. I had lived there for three years; I loved it. In her year with me at the apartment, it became clear she needed a bigger place with lawn and trees and woods to explore. She was half the reason I bought my first house. Maybe even 80% of the reason.

She Loved Our New Place

Clearly, Sybil loved our new place. We had a yard, a goldfish pond, a waterfall, and a rock cliff on the property higher than the house. Sybil and I lived there for 3 ½ years. Every weekend I had landscaping projects and first thing in the morning after we had breakfast, she and I would go out to work on the land. Sybil followed me all day long. I would dig or shovel or chop or build stone walls and my cat sat and watched. She was a loyal partner.

We Moved Again

Sybil and I moved three times. Moving from my first house to my second house, we did over one weekend. I loaded up the pickup truck seven times. Load # 7 had Sybil’s chair that she always sat in. It was at the top of the last furniture truckload. She’d been watching me all day. Sybil was going to be my very last trip, trip #8. But there she was sitting in her chair, on load #7.

I’ve often thought about what she must have felt as she saw the house being emptied out. Her surprise move to climb up on the truck to sit in her chair on load 7…she must have been feeling nervous about everything disappearing. She was not a cat that liked to ride in a car, but she was not about to be left behind. I put her back in the house and came back for her on trip #8 an hour later. The new house was less than two miles away.

We stayed in the next house for 12 ½ years. They were happy years. A bigger house, more land, more lawn, and more trees, and it was close to the ocean. Sybil still came out to sit with me on projects. It was clear, though, that she found many other things to do and rarely spent full days watching me on landscaping projects. She had mice to catch among other things.

The Trip Was Forgiven

My work takes me out of state sometimes for a day or two and sometimes out of the country for a week or more. My cat, Sybil, appeared to be highly tolerant of any number of good and close friends. Sybil was even a really good sport about me adding a wife to our household. Sybil was clearly miffed, though, if I went on a trip of any length of time. When I returned, she would ignore me. If I walked into a room she would promptly march out. If she was stuck in a room with me, she would go to the furthest place she could, away from me to sit back to. This typically would last several days. The longer I was away, the longer she would rebuff me.

The cold shoulder treatment would last until she would be sitting on the threshold between two rooms and as I passed from one room to another she would reach out with her forepaw and cuff my pant leg and leg as hard as she could. There was never any question about what had just happened and from that moment forward, we were friends again. It appeared all had been forgiven.


I Love This Cat Story

My son had a cat. In the winter in January, with a fresh snow, the cat would go to the front door, and meow to go out. The door would be opened, the cat would put a test paw out, touch the snow, back up, and race to the back door, and meow again. The back door would be opened, he’d put a test paw out, touch the snow and do the same thing. Then he’d back up, race back to the front door. This time, meowing, the door open, he’d slowly and carefully walk out into the snow.

I think it is so fascinating that the cat was testing to see if the same temperature, snow, and weather existed at both doors, apparently, he did this many dozens of times.

The other thing I thought was so interesting, was that he always started with the front door, and in the end accepted the front door. In other words, he had a clear preference.

Soul-felt Connection

If you’ve had a cat, a deep relationship with a cat, you know the cat read your mind. You know there was a deep soul-felt connection, possibly deeper than many human relationships.

There is, for some of us, a mystical connection between us and our cat. I know, I felt it. I would share some of those stories, except the stories cut too deep. If you really bonded with your cat you understand.

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