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Sunrise Photo Journal

The beach is empty. The air is cool and has the smell of the sea. I sit on the sand, close to where the waves come in and out, steady and sure.

The sun rises like it always does. The waves keep coming, each one different from the last, yet all the same. The sand beneath me is cold.

I watch the light change. It turns the sky from blue to a mix of orange and pink. The sea catches the colors, moving with them. It is beautiful in a way that doesn’t need to be talked about. It is there, you see it, and that is enough.

The world is waking up. The light is now everywhere. It is a new day. It feels good to be here, to see it. The day has begun with no fanfare, just the sun coming up and the world turning as it always does.

A half sun rising. To see the fiery orb apparently rising out a cool blue sea is rather remarkable.


The shore is sculpted by the sea. Note the rocks on the left, they are not mine but we have one’s just like these. Every morning is different, every sky, tide, and wave are always new.

For the self-disciplined the early beach is a place to run

Obviously a real place. The tide is low and still dropping. You can tell which way the photographer walked into the because there are no footprints.

We all know the pose, we all know the conversation. You’ve just been on a run together and your favorite sitting place is open.

A pier is majestic. It tip toes from the land into the shallows at the edge.

A wave finishes its long journey as the light of a new day dawns. This moment is the breath of the ocean, the pulse of the world. Endings meet new beginnings.

A dad in joy with the arrival of a new day.

I have a cove that is almost like this. It has narrow opening at high tide then the cove fills with salt water I sit on the rocks on the left on the ocean side to watch sunrise I feel blessed with such good stadium seating to watch dawn.

Summer time: our beach Higgins was one of the hot spots for surfing. We had a gently sloping sand beach that made perfect waves go out any day in August at the crack of dawn and they were out there.

This is a shore with cottages along the edge a rising sun framing the building while the inhabitants sleep.

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