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Roman Gladiator Chrysoprase And Diamond Necklace

Pistachio green gem of chrysoprase quartz with a fine line cameo of a Roman Gladiator framed in yellow gold. A fifteen-inch chain is attached to two freely articulated 3mm European cut diamonds. The diamond cut suggests the 1880’s – 1925, the chain is modern.

We design, make and create a great many things in fine jewelry the world has never seen before and for that I am immensely proud. Any truly honest jeweler today would tell you there was a jewelry world of unbelievable talent that existed 75, 100, 150 years ago. There were certain things they created that no one on Earth to-day is capable of duplicating. This is just such a piece.

The rarity of this piece centers around the very finely carved Roman Gladiator beautifully rendered in light green chrysoprase. The background is concaved with a high polish, the cameo of the gladiator is soft, buffed wearing a Corinthian style helmet and sporting a full beard. He’s a handsome fellow. The back side of the gem is gently convex. The cameo is surrounded with a very nice frame in gold appropriate to this quality of the cameo. The two diamonds are European cut 1880-1925 and freely articulated. The 15” chain is modern, it looks like it might have been a pin and was updated.

The coin and stamp collector in me doesn’t want to sell this piece. Alas we will though. If you buy this piece be sure to keep it in your family for at least 200 years or longer. It’s exquisite!

It’s almost perfect, top edge of Corinthian helmet has a microscopic nick. The European cut diamonds appear to be details added at a later point.

Item#: KW593

Estate Price: $1,650.00

Replacement Value: $2,250.00

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