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Long Lean Loquacious
Green World Tourmaline

If you would like this, there is only one. If you would like this, it’s an email exclusive. If you would like this, tell the person who answers to secure this immediately from the email desk. If you talk or they talk, you could miss out. Again this is an email exclusive. We are sending this Thursday morning November 4th at 9:30am.

14K white gold
11.16 carat Green World Tourmaline
(2 1/4-inches long, 1/8-inch wide)
92 diamonds = approx. .73 carat total



Yes, someone adopted the Long, Lean, Loquacious Green World Tourmaline necklace in less than 20 minutes. Truth, we have a click and buy gallery with two very different types of items.

First, F and G numbers, and sometimes CMT numbers, these numbers mean we have just one, like this world tourmaline necklace. These are often higher value gems and there is just one, never made again identically because of the primary gem. One, just one.

Second, we have X number items. We could have one, but may have 10, 50, or 100. Often lower priced, often under $500. Popular, steady sellers. If we send an email to our 16,000 followers on an X number item we might sell 20 in a few hours and sell 40 in a week. This new Gallery of Fine jewelry operates differently than our brick and mortar showroom used to. We like this new digital world.

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