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Atlantic Empire Cuff Bracelet

This is light on the water, gentle, undulating, smooth, highly reflective…
A mirror to the sky, it is drifting dreamy light. It is liquid August sun.


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Item#: X2270
Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Width: 19mm (approx. 3/4″)

Item#: X2271
Precious Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Width: 19mm (approx. 3/4″)

Item#: X2872
Precious Metal: Sterling Silver
Width: 19mm (approx. 3/4″)

Item#: X3317
Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Width: 12mm (approx. 1/2″)

Atlantic Empire

Cuff Bracelets

This is light on the water, gentle, undulating, smooth, highly reflective…
A mirror to the sky, it is drifting, dreamy light. It is liquid August sun.

I’ve had a lifetime of boats. I’m 72 now, my favorite current boat is a 9-foot fiberglass, varnished wooden seat with two oars. It’s an hour’s prep in the spring. It’s two minutes to launch and I’m ready to go. I take it out every chance I get. The beach is great; the open ocean is awesome. I remember one late afternoon several summers ago, the sky was blue, there was no wind. I rowed out of our harbor, around the sand point, and a half mile off the beach. I shipped the oars and just drifted. The sun was low in the sky. The surface of the water was glassy with all that magical undulation of light opening, closing silver and blue and sunlight glinting off the water.

I just drifted and watched, just drifted and thought, just drifted and listened. The undulating glassy surface was beautiful. Too often, we can be going, racing to get there. It doesn’t matter where as long as we’re moving. Sitting in a boat and just drifting is one of the most perfect things a person can do.

As I look at these bracelets, I’m taken back to childhood and taken to moments of adult life where I’ve caught some piece of childhood magic and can hold on to it. Sometimes for just a few seconds. I believe what we all, past age 25, are looking for is what we all knew, saw, and felt as 5, 10, and 15-year-olds when we were deeper in the profound present of kid mode.

This bracelet is a serene sea: gentle waves, glassy, smooth, undulating, reflecting. You may choose silver or 14K or 18K yellow gold. Captures summer at the shore beautifully.

The Atlantic Empire is a super comfortable cuff. Easy on. Easy off. Safe. Looks great against a summer tan. One size fits almost everyone.

Wide cuff is 19mm (3/4″) wide.
Narrow version is 12mm (1/2″) wide.

X2270……14K Yellow Gold……3/4″ Wide……$1,850……2 Available to ship

X2271……18K Yellow Gold……3/4″ Wide……$2,950……1 Available to ship

X2272……Sterling Silver……….3/4″ Wide…….$295……12 Available to ship

X3317……14K Yellow Gold……1/2″ Wide……$1,250……2 Available to ship

*sterling silver not available in narrow width

Kids Just Go Along.

Back in the 50’s we had a Lyman Morse white lapstrake motor boat: mahogany deck and seats, re-varnished every spring, 18-foot, 10 horse power outboard motor. Nothing fancy, though we had the best looking boat in the harbor.

Summer mornings, when the tide was right, we’d go fishing. Clams dug out in the tidal creek were free, easy. I was a kid; I’d just go along. We’d head out a mile offshore. The surf was gentle, no wind. There was no drama. No manly fishing tackle, just a dad and a kid with droplines.

We’d break a clam, thread them on to the hook, toss the dropline with its lead weight overboard. This was the 1950’s, the ocean was full of fish. There was no science no craft, no advanced skill involved. Most times before the line went down 10-feet (depths were 30 – 40 feet) we’d have a bite. The line would tug. I’d yank to secure the hook. Most days, we’d pull fish in as fast as we could toss lines overboard. Sometimes though, fishing slowed down. As a 5, 6, 7-year-old, I would lean on the side of the seat, chin on the gunnel, arm outstretched, holding line, watching glassy green-blue waves lap against the boat, watching the sunlight filter down through the water, the dropline cutting the water. The glassy, smooth surface and wave reflections opening and closing and the smell of boat varnish and the smell of droplines, it was pure magic.

The reflective surface in the Atlantic Empire bracelets are those morning, age 6, fishing with my dad.

We have images held in memory of perfect moments in life. Fishing with my dad on a glassy undulating morning sea is one of mine. It’s a moment of serenity. These pictures hold moments in a lifetime of living near the sea. Atlantic Empire captures the sun on the sea perfectly.


Atlantic Cuff Bracelet

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