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Small……..X4332….6x4mm Blue Topaz

Medium….X4333….7x5mm Blue Topaz

Large………X4334….8x6mm Blue Topaz

Blue Sky Topaz Fiddlehead Rings, Sterling Silver



This is the Cross Fiddlehead Ring set with three sizes of Blue Sky Topaz.

The ring was legend in the Cross family. William Cross, our founder, cut the first gem. He designed and hand-carved the Fiddlehead pattern for his daughter’s 16th birthday. He never made another one like it. We, “Cross” duplicated the original ring 80 years later. The Fiddlehead ring is the prettiest hand-carved ring we’ve ever made.

This version of the Fiddlehead ring is set with a bold oval east-west Blue Sky Topaz. Smooth to the touch, it sits low and close to the finger. The gem is a checkerboard cut, which means it has a multitude of diamond-shaped facets so it possesses a dazzling dance of magical blue light playing across the surface and twinkling within.

We make the Fiddlehead ring two ways:
all sterling silver,
or all 14K yellow gold.
We make this ring right here in our Portland, Maine shop
just like William did in 1924.

Place your order today. We know you will love it. The gem and its color are pure magic. Plus, we give you a full 90 days to make up your mind for returns and exchanges.


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Ring Details


Small……..X4332….6x4mm Blue Topaz

Medium….X4333….7x5mm Blue Topaz

Large………X4334….8x6mm Blue Topaz

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Blue Sky Topaz

The Blue Zone Gem

Blue is the color of health and well-being. Blue is the color of youth and vitality. Blue is the color of peace and happiness.

Earth has seven Blue zones. Seven places where people live longer with vim and vigor. A Blue Zone is not just about more time, it’s more time with a true quality of life. The Blue Zone mindset is about time for discovery, wisdom and work.

Blue Zones are not merely magic places on the globe. Rather, they are places with a population of people who believe in wellness, people who never stop thinking, participating or creating. They subscribe to a lifetime of art and imagination, a lifetime of discovery.

People who live to be 100 don’t simply stop at 65. they have 10, 20, 30 years of additional active participation. They have more to contribute.

Do you have to pick up and move to a Blue Zone for an extra 20 years? Do you have to sell your house, say goodbye to your friends and family? Do you move to Japan, Costa Rica or Sardinia and not see your grandchildren grow up to achieve an extra 20?

A Blue Zone is not about place, although these places exist within our world. Blue Zone is really about attitude, belief and philosophy. Yes, it would be nice to live in a place where everyone lived a very long time. Blue Zone living is easier than you might imagine. It’s a decision you make, a decision that exists inside of you. It’s a shift of your consciousness.

Is Blue Sky, Blue Zone a gem of magic? Yes-maybe-no, It is if you want it to be. It is magic if you choose it to be. It is magic if you decide, because living the Blue Zone life simply makes sense.

Blue Topaz is an amazing gem. It occurs in various shades of blue. At Cross, we choose the prettiest shades of pastel blue, they are the colors in the middle. Our Blue Sky Topaz is the third hardest gem after diamond which means it’s highly resistant to scuffing and scratching. Blue Topaz has a high refractive index (jeweler talk) which means that when a gem is cut properly, it’s the most sparkly bright brilliant pastel blue gem in nature!

Your new Blue Topaz is with you every day to remind you of the guiding principles of what is truly important.



The World’s Happiest Places

These are the seven places in the world where the longest lived happiest people live.

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