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Necklace Details

Name: Cat in the Window Watching the Phases of the Moon Necklace

Style#: X4542

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Gem: Moonstone = 3mm round

Measurement:  1  1/2″ (from top to bottom of necklace)

Chain: 18″ Sterling Silver Medium Tiff

Price: $225

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Cat in the Window Watching the Phases of the Moon Necklace

Style #: X4542


Cat in the Window
Watching the Phases of the Moon

Lynn is the designer of this necklace. She has a cat, an indoor cat who takes her position by the window in the living room and watches the world on the outside. There are nights when the streetlights glow in yellow light on the sidewalk below, the moon is full, and Lynn’s cat can see the neighborhood cats gathering in the shadowed dark. Sometimes, through the screened window the sounds of the night and city cats come floating through. If you’re a cat lover, you know those moments.

This piece is perfect for cat lovers everywhere. It’s not too big, not too small, and at 1.5 inches it’s an ideal size for an authentic cat lover. There is the cat body graced with full feline fullness…something about that half back, three quarter view, you can sense the cat-ness of the pose. Add to this the genuine blue moonstone in the sky. The piece is sterling silver, high points polished bright; background textured antiqued black. It comes on an 18-inch sterling silver chain. You’ll be noticed by cat lovers everywhere. Be ready with your best cat stories.

Share Your Cat Story:

If there was no such thing as a cat and someone wrote a novel about this creature, no one would believe that such an animal could exist…and yet we know they do.

You have a cat. You have a lifetime of stories. Please do share with us at We will be putting up cat stories here on our website. We’re looking for 50 – 100 words that tell your cat story well. To start, here are a few of our own cat stories:

My Cat Always Turned Her Back
By Ralph, Owner of Cross

When I left home, I moved to the city and got a cat, and I learned what love was. I learned about unconditional love. It was about loving, giving, and expecting nothing in return. The cat gave back by simply being a cat, not trying, simply being a cat, and I loved her for it.

Whenever I’d been away for several days, on my return, my cat would have nothing to do with me. If I walked into a room, she would move to another portion of the room and sit with her back to me, as if in silent protest. This would continue for a day or two until I’d be passing by, and she’d reach out swiftly, cuff my pant leg, and everything would return to normal. She needed to let me know her displeasure that I’d been gone.

For 19 years, the cat always returned home, and if I went on a trip, I returned too.

What’s The Cat Thinking?
By Stephen, 5th Generation of Cross

My first cat, a short hair orange tabby who loved the outdoors, was quite the character. I was five when I got him and bestowed upon him the handsome name of “Kitty.” Funny how the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, my son at the age of four named his fish “Fishy.” I swear I’ve gotten better at naming in my older age, so there’s hope for my son.

Kitty loved his time outside. What Kitty did not love was rain or snow. Whenever he was ready to go outside, we’d open the front door, and if the weather were not to his liking, he’d sit and stare. If snowing, he might extend a paw to test the fresh white stuff, but he’d usually retreat inside and head straight to the backdoor. In his mind, there was a better than good chance that the weather would be different.

We’d open the back door, and he’d look out in disbelief. We’d hold the door open for 10, 15 seconds. Sometimes he’d dash out, resigned to his fate, but he’d often march back inside and return to the front door. We’d open the front door again, and the third time being the charm, convinced now that the weather was the same at both doors, he’d head out for another adventure.

Like most cats, Kitty loved his alone time, but he had a curious habit of following me around the neighborhood when I was playing with friends. One summer afternoon, my friends and I decided to walk down to the local ice cream shop. As we headed down the street, Kitty tagged along. He raced ahead, lagged behind, crept along the sides of houses, but always remained within a comfortable distance of us.

As we neared the busy road at the entrance to our street, I started to get nervous that Kitty would try and continue on with us. We all had a good laugh and decided to go back to the house and have my Mom drive us for ice cream instead.

An Empty Nest Brings a New Addition
By Stephen, 5th Generation of Cross

Kitty passed away when I was gone for my first fall at college. My Mom was heartbroken. Truly, she now had an empty nest. One day my sisters and stepmother came by with a furry surprise, a shelter cat named Shakespeare. He was just what she needed.

Shakespeare was a true lover. He needed your presence. Followed you wherever you went. He was more like a dog in that way than a cat. My Mom didn’t tell me about Kitty or Shakespeare until I came home for Christmas.

Shakespeare was a very appropriate name for this amours cat, but I wanted to give him a different name. He was dark gray with some white striping. Being very affectionate, we changed his name to Needhams, like the Maine famous chocolate-mashed potato-coconut treat.

In the evenings, my Mom would lay out on the couch as we watched a TV show. Needham’s would hop up, sit down on her chest, and inches from her face, stare lovingly into her eyes, soaking in as much love as my Mom could give him. Whether called Shakespeare or Needhams, he was a loving and sweet cat.

Share with us your cat story at

Necklace Details

Name: Cat in the Window Watching the Phases of the Moon Necklace

Style#: X4542

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

Gem: Moonstone = 3mm round

Measurement:  1  1/2″ (from top to bottom of necklace)

Chain: 18″ Sterling Silver Medium Tiff

Price: $225

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