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Earring Details

Style: KW923

Precious Metal: 22K Yellow Gold

Gems: Pink, Briolette cut,  Garnet

Size: 2 5/8 inches from top of curve top lowest Garnet

They Circle The Wagons

Style #: KW923


They traveled in groups close tight knit. Mysterious, dark hair, dark eyes.

They were known to have a true sense of the future. Some even had crystal balls…


They Circle The Wagons

High Karat Gold Earrings


The wagons approached the village. They had been traveling all day. The horses were tired, thirsty, hungry. The sun had set hours ago. They saw the field on the left. It was big, broad, flat, open, wide. They circled and parked. There were horse sounds and voices mingled. It was dark, no moon, just starlight so it was really dark. In the center they brought logs and brush stuff they had picked up along the way.


The women wore gold, high karat gold. The fire leapt higher. The ash logs snapped, sparks flew into the air. Men were tired, silent. Women talked as the flames danced in the middle. A tambourine appeared, a rhythm in the dark, everyone relaxed.


I bought these in 2005, 19 years ago. Gold that year was $444 the family had dark hair, olive skin big brown eyes they were movie star beautiful. All their jewelry was 22 karat gold, almost pure gold. The detailing was exquisite. Their last name I’ve forgotten. The earrings are beautiful. They are made with briolette cut gems. They hang like grape clusters. There are 100 facets per pair on the colored stone earrings. Each earring is a big sweep of gold with an acorn shape at the end. Wear those out in the sun and people will stare, because of the high karat gold and color of the gems and the swing of the grape clusters.

Now our caution! Consider these only if the holes in your ears are larger than average because of the high karat the family was generous with the ear wires. You want them to be comfortable. You need an opening big enough to easily slide the wire through.


2005 was 19 years ago Gold was $444 per ounce Gold is now $2000-$2100 per ounce more than 4 times more. This will sound crazy we’re leaving the original price from 2005 on these earrings, they are an awesome look… Yes beautiful… Yes ravishing… Absolutely. Can we make more never! You have one chance. One shot. Don’t miss one of these awesome earrings.

Estate Price: $885

Replacement Value: $1,250

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Earring Details

Style: KW923

Precious Metal: 22K Yellow Gold

Gems: Pink, Briolette cut,  Garnet

Size: 2 5/8 inches from top of curve top lowest Garnet

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