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Necklace Details

Name: Dragon’s Tail

Item#: X4302

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gems: 34 Graduated Rubies = .73 carat total

Diamonds: 8 = .03 carat total

Size: 2 3/8″ Total Length

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

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Dragon’s Tail Necklace, Protection From Beasts in the Night

Style #: X4302

Dragon Tail From the Old Country

Kept in an American Attic
As Protection From Beasts in the Night

I have a friend who is the great, great, great, great-granddaughter of King Ludwig III, of Lithuania. In her family mythology, there are tales of dragons. Curiously, in her family’s archives, there is an artifact they call the Dragon Tail. It’s articulated and narrow, with plate-like armor and a sort of spear at the end. According to legend, the family has kept it because they believe it has mystical properties, invisible energy, and the power to protect against dangerous creatures.

I’m always interested in a good story, and I was fascinated by the fact they had this artifact from the old country. I asked if I could borrow the tail to use as inspiration for a jewelry design. My friend hesitated, then agreed, as long as I gave her the first one we made. We had a deal.

It took a while; good design takes time. The necklace is gold with red rubies flowing along the nine articulated links (the rubies are dragon’s blood). The spear at the end of the tail has eight tiny white diamonds. It’s a really lovely piece with a natural swing and sway to the middle section. My friend loved her new dragon tail necklace.

Everything I have written up to this point is 80% true. At this point, I’m about to leap off a creative cliff where 50% of everything written is absolutely true.

The Painting

King Ludwig’s castle was built in 1222. Ludwig didn’t build it; his ancestors did. Imagine it’s 800 years ago. You are walking outside the castle walls in the moonlight. The road is just two parallel ruts. The woods on either side are dark. Occasional fireflies spark under the trees. There is a cool breeze rustling the leaves. There are no street lights. Flashlights won’t be invented for 700 years, and because of the full moon, you didn’t bring a lantern.

Something goes crunch in the woods. You slow, listening; there it is again. You stop. It stops. You think you hear breathing. It’s moving along slowly with you. You know something is there. You feel your heart racing. You wait. Nothing, nothing, nothing, silence…

A twig snaps, a bush rustles, then you remember. You reach with your right hand and grip your ruby diamond dragon tail necklace. For a moment, all is still. You hear a scurrying sound in the dark. Whatever it was, it’s fleeing. Just to be sure, you hold on, gripping the tail. You wait, staring into the dark, listening to the sounds of the night. Because you know this is a talisman of protection against dangerous creatures, you feel safe.

You relax your shoulders and turn. There is your castle on the hill silhouetted against a full moon. Soon you will be safe inside.

My friend told me that according to the family story, just having a dragon’s tail in the castle created an aura of protection. That’s how their story went and why castles in Europe secured a good dragon tail as early as possible.

We are imbuing our precious metal gem-set Dragon Tail necklace with the same powers as the original and magically transporting it back 800 years to this moment and lady in need of protection. Our small jeweled gem necklace must be worn to protect and be touched to scare away beasts of the night.

If You’ve Been Thinking About 
Acquiring a European Castle

As the American dollar continues to strengthen, European castles are becoming better values. Some already are going for a song. Yes, while the upkeep may be substantial, repointing stonework, and rebuilding roads and bridges come with a cost.

As you consider castles, study the real estate ads carefully, an often-overlooked asset is land. Look for actual acreage and what crops, like grapes may come with the property. Titles sometimes accompany the acquisition of a castle. And while the title Viscount of Dalmatia won’t buy you a loaf of bread in the local town any longer, when you get back to the states, a title does cause people to sit up and take notice. If you’re running for the school board, just list Bob Smith, V.C. of Dalmatia. You’ll be voted in.

Dragon’s Tail Necklace 
Protection From Beasts in the Night

14K Yellow Gold
34 Graduated Rubies = .73ct total
8 Diamonds = .03 carat total in the spear
Size: 2 3/8″ Total Length
18″ 14K Yellow Gold Chain


Why We Love This Piece

This is fun. Rarely do we enter into fairytale and the wonder and magic of a land far away and a long time ago. This speaks to the child within in a language kids understand. For grownups, it’s kind of fun to have a magical piece of jewelry. The rubies are part of the articulated section that really does swing and sway. The piece does look awesome on. And yes, just maybe some night there’s a rustling in the bushes… you’ll know what to do.


Necklace Details

Name: Dragon’s Tail

Item#: X4302

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gems: 34 Graduated Rubies = .73 carat total

Diamonds: 8 = .03 carat total

Size: 2 3/8″ Total Length

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

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As kids we love them. We liked them so well we’d listen 2, 5, 15 times and we delighted in each telling. There are aspects to a fairytale that can convey certain points or principles of life more effectively than a simple telling.

In this Once Upon a Time story, in a land far far away, we come to the end of the story and of course she lives another day and lives happily ever after because the talisman worked.

Our dragon tail with rubies and diamonds looks awesome. It is beautifully articulated, and when securely held, will scare the beasts away in the night.

Dragons are Dangerous

Everyone knows dragons are dangerous, really dangerous. They breathe fire, have sharp claws and teeth, and of course, a strong, powerful tail. Knights know the tail must always be watched.

Dragons come in various colors that speak to certain habits and powers. Red dragons are said to be the most dangerous of all. If you’re curious, they can be found in the mountains, hidden deep in caves, surrounded always by a trove of treasure.

Dragons did not go extinct. If you know where to look you can still find them.



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