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Bracelet Details

Name: High Tide Low Tide

Style: X3294

Precious Metal: Antiqued Sterling Silver

Measurement: 16mm (5/8″) wide

Price: $195

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High Tide, Low Tide Cuff Bracelet

Style #: X3294

“Life’s a Beach,” the bumper sticker says. And if you
live at the beach, high and low tides create the rhythm of
the day. What you do is different whether
the tide is in or out.

Silver waves rise and fall against a dark sky.
One size fits almost everyone. Sterling Silver.

High Tide or Low Tide,
Which is Better?

I spent summers on a Maine beach. I had two parents, one full set of grandparents, and another grandmother. My grandparents had oceanfront cottages. My parents had a cottage with a dock, sailboat, motor boats, row boats, and a tidal river. The grandparents lived one minute away and two minutes away, walking barefoot. My grandparents had unimpeded high tide and low tide ocean views.

I believe my parents and I had the best deal because our cottage was down in the sand dunes, we had a sand beach and views of the open ocean, and we had the on-ramp twice a day to the open ocean, fishing, islands, sailing. I was there to enjoy it for July and August 24/7, and while exploring the beach at low tide, I had tidal pools, sea urchins, and starfish; in my book, high tide, with its tidal creeks and boats, was the absolute winner. Plus, when the tide is high, the ocean is pushing at its edges. There is a euphoria, an exultant feeling to the moment of high tide when the boats are riding high at the dock. High tide represented for me the ultimate freedom at the ocean’s edge.

High Tide gets my vote. I’m the dad.

When we were discussing the merits of our new bracelet, the question of which is the best, high or low, came up. I was surprised when my son chose low. He said that at low tide, you can explore, find, and discover. He felt there was an expansiveness at low tide. 50, 60, 70 acres of beach exposed where one is free to do almost anything. I understood his preference, but I didn’t buy it.

I didn’t buy it. He’d only experienced a week to two at the beach each summer and some day trips. We debated. We argued. He had never experienced the fleet of boats I’d grown up with. He became a surfer, which worked for him better at medium and low tides. High or low became a competition of youthful spirits.

Because the question was so important, my son finally, and diplomatically, suggested we put the question of high tide versus low tide up as a question to our customers. I agreed. We sent the query to 14,000 of our email friends.

His low tide won. I think it may have been how he asked the question. – R.H.P.

Earth’s Tides

Earth’s tides have been described as two huge waves that circle the Earth twice a day, pulled by the sun and the moon. What we see landside is the sea advancing toward the shore, flooding low-lying land and filling bays and coves with saltwater and then retreating. Leaving an intertidal zone…a fascinating place.

This is a photograph of the rocky coast of Maine with cliffs 30 feet high. It’s interesting, from 200 feet back on a rocky coast, we can’t tell if it is high or low tide. The grey sky above and the silver sea below are like our High Tide, Low Tide bracelet. This photograph is 800 feet down from Portland Head Light looking south.

800 feet south of Portland Head Light

Low Tide

I’m the high tide person. This is a low tide photo showing an expanse of grey rock at Dawn. I will admit this was a perfect moment at the shore. The sun was rising in a grey mist fog, and there were small waves at the shore. RHP

High Tide, Low Tide Bracelet

The bracelet is perfect. It’s custom crafted in sterling silver, high polished, antiqued dark, hand finished, low profile, and smooth. Fits 96% of all women. Sleek and modern, wear it anytime, anywhere. Dress up, dress down. It’s smart. It’s sleek. It’s the spirit of simplicity. The High Tide Low Tide design embodies the essence of the wave that circles the globe twice a day, giving rise to our tide phenomenon.


Here is one of the reasons I watch the tide… I’m waiting for water high enough to launch my boat. I love the freedom of the row, the surge of water, and the roll of the waves. With high tide, my boat and I can explore new shores. And, sometimes, I simply row out to the open ocean, ship the oars, and just drift, listening to the sounds, watching the light on the water. It’s not complicated. It’s simple.

Why We Love This Bracelet

The bracelet has a nice weight. It has a nice balance physically and visually. The dark sky and the silver waves flow beautifully against one another. Often, simple is best.

Life really is a beach.


Bracelet Details

Name: High Tide Low Tide

Style: X3294

Precious Metal: Antiqued Sterling Silver

Measurement: 16mm (5/8″) wide

Price: $195

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High Tide, Low Tide Bracelet

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