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Ivy Grows Forever Sapphire Ring

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Flowing ivy,
vining its way up to center.
A shimmering dew drop
in the morning light
Sunshine after the storm.
Rainbows on every leaf.


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Blue Sapphire

Ivy Grows Forever Ring


Flowing ivy,
vining its way up to center.
A shimmering dew drop
in the morning light
Sunshine after the storm.
Rainbows on every leaf.


More Information
About the Ivy Ring

There were rings made during the Victorian Era; sweet, delicate, with lovely detailing and exquisite craftsmanship. Rings so loved, they were worn by several generations. Few of those rings have survived through to today. We found one particularly nice classic ivy ring and recreated it for modern women’s more active lifestyles. We’ve set them with a 1/10 carat Royal Ideal-Cut diamond, with fancy color-enhanced diamonds, sapphires, rubies and with our own Maine tourmaline. All within a six-petal buttercup setting and rich, deeply engraved twining ivy designs.

This ring is made for any finger size in your choice of 14K yellow gold.

Questions we will be asked:

  • “Can you set my diamond into this design?” No.
  • “Can you set a bigger diamond into this ring?” No. It’s perfect just the way it is, and for the rich texture and bright color and sparkle, it is an amazing value.


A Love Affair With
Fine Wrought Iron Gates

My brother and I use to discuss our fascination with fine wrought iron work. Our love of the light and dark, shadow and light, swirls, curls, knew no end. We admired old Victorian furniture, deep carving, acanthus leaf detailing. Years later I had fences built. Bought antique fence section from New Orleans for the end of my driveway. And bought a wrought iron fence from Egypt to surround part of a garden on my highest point of land that I called The Sky Garden, a place to watch summer clouds drift by.

Craig and I discussed how we had no living relatives who loved scroll work detail like we did. We were puzzled by how we were both so deeply moved by great wrought iron work and how we could stand for hours outside of a great estate admiring the wrought iron fence between the entrance pillars.


The Sweetest, Cutest,
Little Gemstone Ring Ever Made

This is a long introduction to one of the smallest, most delicately detailed rings we make. It is a ring I admire like fine wrought iron gate work. If I owned this ring and wore it, I would log hundreds of hours of gazing at the scroll work and the center chamber within which a brilliant gem is set and suspended.

One-hundred and one-hundred-fifty years ago most ladies and many men’s rings were set within a highly polished, reflective, six-petal flower-like center like this ring. There is so much exquisite gold sculpting to be seen in the design detailing we’re including one of our professional ten-power jeweler’s magnifiers so that you can study your new ring.

How might this ring be worn, right or left hand? Right hand, ring finger, because you’re one out of the every three-hundred-fifty people who is so deeply moved by the fine wrought iron work and exquisite Victorian detail and would love to have a ring, this grapevine detailing, with you everyday forever. Left hand. Yes, of course, it can be an engagement ring.

The gem may be small, 3mm, it has a big presence though within its reflective flower. I know we’ll be asked, “Can you make it with a larger gem?” Kittens are cute. A tiger is just too big to be a good house pet. The sweetest little gemstone ring ever made. It’s Goldilocks-perfect exactly as it is made. Change the gem size, bigger or smaller, and it becomes less of a ring. Trust me, it’s perfect.

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