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Necklace Details

Item#: X3944 eclipse

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Gem: 12mm round Black Maine Coast Stone
Diamonds: 21 = .71 carat total

Pendant Length: 15/16″ (top of bail to bottom of pendant)


Total Eclipse of the Sun

Item #: X3944

Black rock from beneath the sea. Black rock polished smooth. Black rock sparkles white. “Maine Coast Black Diamond” faceted like a diamond. Chic, sleek, elegant. Surrounded with 21 white diamonds.

At first it almost seemed unbelievable – black diamond from Maine, the coast, an island. Black, black, black, sparkly, brilliant flashes of white light. Makes a statement. Real black diamond? No! The effect though, remarkably similar. Surrounded with real white diamonds

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Necklace Details

Item#: X3944 eclipse

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Gem: 12mm round Black Maine Coast Stone
Diamonds: 21 = .71 carat total

Pendant Length: 15/16″ (top of bail to bottom of pendant)


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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Maine Coast “Black Diamond”

& White Diamond Necklace


Elegant, the moon blackening the sun. The corona surrounding, shining through as diamond light reflecting on a sun dappled sea. Black stone from a mysterious island off the coast of Maine…rising high, rising suddenly from the sea. An island reputed to make grown men roll on the beach and play like kids. Grown men, men skittering down the beach rocks rolling like marbles beneath their feet, grown men running and sliding on the rocks like kids on ice. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. The island is like a fountain of youth. The island works its mysterious powers on men.

I’ve seen women on the island too. They are pleased to be there, but they keep their wits about them. Maybe, if I saw more women on the island I’d see more kid-like behavior among them. Guys, though, just cut loose. I’ve never seen anything like it. If they filmed an episode of survivor out there, I can’t imagine what would happen.

I’ve been there twice. No details with whom or much of what happened except it took me 5 years of trying to finally make it out the first time. The island is made up of dense black rock that takes an amazing polish when cut like a gem. Initially, we acquired several sample rocks from an island family in the ocean neighborhood. Everyone raves about the mystical properties of the island. From this one first rock we cut 100 gems. We’re looking forward to creating more of these exotic Total Eclipse of the Sun pieces.

This Total Eclipse of the Sun Pendant is elegant and Goldilocks-perfect. Not too big, not too small, just the ideal size for any black-tie soirée. Wear it to the Christmas party; wear it for New Year’s Eve, yes, yes, yes. Wear it to a school board meeting, probably not. It’s too elegant.

Mysterious Stone

We’ve attempted to have the stone identified. Each time it has come back as an unknown, adding to the mystery. We’ve never found a stone anywhere on the coast of Maine like it. So we cherish it. It’s hard, tough, durable, ideal for pendants and earrings. It accepts a great polish. The checkerboard facets capture the contrast of white on black making this one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry we have ever created.

Cross designs, makes, and creates most all of our jewelry. The result is hundreds of designs that exist in our store and nowhere else in the world. Our Total Eclipse of the Sun Pendant is one of our exclusive designs, and while we sell all over America, the odds are that in your lifetime you’re not likely to ever see another Cross Total Eclipse of the Sun Pendant.

Watch the Video Above
See the light dance across the checkerboard faceted surface
of the black Maine coast rock.


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