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Blue Sapphire Martini Style Earrings

We discovered a small gem-cutting shop in Southeast Asia…it was a moment of pure magic. The gems were the purest blue we’d ever seen in our perfect two-shades-lighter color that is ideal for earrings among the shadows of curling hair.

We have prepared the best collection of blue sapphire stud earrings for you. Your dinner companion across the table will look once, will look twice, will look a dozen times and wonder where you found such perfect blues.

Our Secret
For Perfect Blues

Two shades lighter. Light enough to allow light in to reflect, bounce around inside, gather the blue brilliance and return to the eye as a dazzlingly pure blue color.

It’s what everyone is looking for. We know because we have spent 100 years searching. We now have the best little shop of passionate gem cutters in Southeast Asia cutting some of the most amazing blue sapphires we have ever seen.



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Item#: X4435

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Sapphires: Two 3.5mm round sapphires

Style: Pierced post


Item#: X4157

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Sapphires: Two 4mm round sapphires

Style: Pierced post


Item#: X4145

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Sapphires: Two 4.5mm round sapphires

Style: Pierced post


Item#: X4146

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Sapphires: Two 5mm round sapphires

Style: Pierced post


Item#: X4158

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Sapphires: Two 5.5mm round sapphires

Style: Pierced post


Item#: CT9164

Precious Metal: 14K White Gold

Sapphires: Two 6mm round sapphires

Style: Pierced post



Blue Sapphire
Martini Style Earrings

In the late afternoon, I walk down to the shore. We’re already into summer. Everything is lush and green. Cattail leaves are 6 feet tall. A white pleasure boat is heading south out to sea. A white sail of a sailboat is coming back into the harbor. Two fishermen are out on the rocks casting into the sea. There’s a serious sea breeze with warm winds coming from the south. Twenty-five feet out from shore, the water is teal. Beyond, it quickly slips into sapphire blue. Almost all the world I see from where I’m standing is the Atlantic blue sea, with a pastel blue sky above.

Our world has so much blue, the ocean, and the sky, and it’s not just seasonal, it’s year-round. I believe the blue of sapphire touches the soul. I believe it calms and comforts our psyche. I believe blue sapphire is Heaven’s perfect slice of serenity.

The second hardest gem to diamond, blue sapphire can be cut and set to last a lifetime and beyond. A pair of Martini earrings properly set could be worn by 50 generations of women for a thousand years and still look brand new when the 51st generation inherits them.

Why We Take Sapphire Earrings So Seriously

We take the potential for longevity seriously. Elizabeth, a new jeweler on the Cross staff brought me a recent group of newly set gems for review. Everything was spot-on perfect. One pair of earrings was so perfect, so spot on ideal I said, “These could last a thousand years.” Truth, two thousand would be easy. I said one thousand, though. She beamed. Our standards are high.

The Cross
Martini Setting

A dozen or more years ago we identified a type of earring setting, a 3-prong “Martini” design as being superior to the traditional 4-prong basket setting used for pierced earrings for nearly two hundred years.

1) The 3-prong Martini is a simpler, cleaner, neater look.

2) The 3-prongs come to a common rounded point in the back allowing the earring to rest and nest more naturally on the ear lobe so it doesn’t unnecessarily stick out.

3) Several sources make a 3-prong design. We tested five of them for weight, taper, excellence of setting, aesthetic flow, and safety, and then chose one style, and have stayed with it ever since.

Note: During the early pandemic when everyone closed, our mounting source did too. We tested some alternative sources, our original Martini choice was clearly superior. We waited four months for them to re-open. During that time we simply stopped selling Martini earrings because quality is so vital in everything we do.

4) Here is a detail few ever talk about: the ear nut on the earring. We either order earrings without ear nuts or if they come with ear nuts we remove them and replace them with our double-weight gold ear nut. It’s much better and safer. The average ear nut sold in America weighs .25 – .33 carat. Our ear nuts weigh .75 carat. Two together are 1.50 carats. There’s more gold for the spring tension in the earring to hold the earring on more securely. With more holding power, Cross earrings are safer earrings. All Cross earrings come with our special double-weight ear nut.

5) Gapping and adjusting. This is probably a foreign concept to most jewelers. Our shop does it every day. We adjust the ear nut to fit the post, loose enough to slide on, tight enough to grip and hold securely. Advice, don’t switch ear nuts around to various earrings because ear nuts should be adjusted to fit each individual post on each earring.

A final note: our matched pairs of blue sapphire earrings you may wear to dinner with confidence that even in low light your dinner companion will see flashes of blue and sparks of brilliance by candlelight.

Blue Sapphire Earrings

We hand-select our blue sapphires. We sit and individually match the pairs. We’ve tried buying sapphire earrings complete; no one has the quality we seek. The jewelry business worldwide follows an easy path. They choose dark blue sapphires because they all easily match. The problem is that even if you can see a flicker of blue in the jeweler’s showcase, when you raise them to your ears, you will find there is no blue left. Most sapphires look navy blue or black.

We choose our sapphires two shades lighter so that when you’re wearing the earrings, they will sparkle blue at your ear. Yes, it’s more of a challenge to match…it’s important to us that our earrings look awesome because you’re worth the extra effort. Our blue Martini Sapphire Earrings are the prettiest blue sapphires you will ever see.

Our Guarantee

These are the best, brightest, most brilliant blue sapphire earrings you’ve ever seen.

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Free Shipping Details

Shipping Details

Orders Under $1,000 – Free shipping via FedEx (allow 4 business days). You can upgrade to overnight delivery for $20.

Orders Over $1,000 – Ship Free by your choice of FedEx Overnight or US Post Office Express. A signature is required on delivery.

90-Day Returns/Exchanges

Our extended ninety days, for a small business, is almost unheard of. Truth is, we shop for gifts too, and rather than scrambling at the last minute and feeling the tension of time, we like this more relaxed approach. We wish everyone did something like this… it would be a kinder, gentler world.


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