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Martini Tsavorite Garnet Earrings

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Garden of Eden Green Garnet is found in east Africa on the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Also called Tsavorite, it is a bright, lively green gem, a color so rich, emerald could only dream of being so good. There’s an intensity, a sharpness a truth of color that speaks to any lover of green.

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Tsavorite Garnet Earrings

The World’s Prettiest Green Gem


In East Africa following the Rift Valley to the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro is a rare type of rock not found anywhere else in the world. This native rock is yielding a new green gem never seen before anywhere on the planet. Jewelers are ecstatic. Tougher than emerald. Harder than emerald. Clearer than emerald. Brighter and more brilliant than emerald. It’s a dream come true gem, that we have been waiting for for thousands of years.

Surprisingly, it sells for a quarter of what a fine emerald would sell for. We have adopted this new gem and added it to the Cross family of favorites.

To move into the deeper gemology of this new gem, it is a member of the garnet family. Garnet is a gem that occurs in every color but blue (Russia was a source of a yellow-green garnet many years ago). Since then, this new green garnet is the only other green gem garnet to come along…and its true color is pure green.

Part of what makes this gem rare is the limited geographical area in which it is found.

The world’s prettiest green gem.
A rare member of the garnet family.
Its gemological name is Tsavorite. Found on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, Africa.

Most gems are found in numerous locations throughout the world. Tsavorite is found in just one location.

Most people who see this gem will think it’s an emerald. It’s clearer, more brilliant, and rarer than emerald.

This World’s Prettiest Green Gem is a rare garnet called Tsavorite and is shown on our website in a variety of our favorite designs.

Tsavorite from the Garden of Eden
The Green Garnet of East Africa


Garden of Eden Green Garnet is found in east Africa on the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Also called Tsavorite, it is a bright, lively green gem, a color so rich, emerald could only dream of being so good. There’s an intensity, a sharpness a truth of color that speaks to any lover of green.

My First Visit to
the Garden of Eden


I’ve been to the “Garden of Eden.” Never saw anything like it before or since: the sounds, sights, smells. It was rich. I slowed enough so that the memories are still vivid, years later.

I stayed in a cabin with a thatched roof 800 feet away from Eden. The cabin was on a hill, below a wire fence that separated the Garden of Eden and the rain forest from our village. In our village the food was good; the land was lush, and the company a delight.

It rained a lot, seemed like every 15 minutes to half hour torrential rains, buckets and fire hoses of rain came down. The walking paths had thatched roofs. We stayed dry and on the 4th day I accepted the invitation to go up to the Garden of Eden.

As I recall, there were six of us and our guide. The field, leading up to the wire fence was dry with long yellow grasses and gray boulders. As we got closer to Eden, the trees became taller and there was the scent, an earthy scent. The field ended and a two tier barbed wire fence ran along the edge of Eden. We waited as our guide untied the wires and a tic-tac-toe grid of gray weathered logs was hinged back. The fence section opened and we walked in.


As we stepped in, the light changed. Long shafts of light filtered through 3, 4, 5 stories of tall trees. The air was dripping, water droplets fell from stories above. The air was moist, humid, warm. On the ground, wet from above, green plants grew at the base of trees, shiny green, wet shiny green everywhere.

We entered Eden and only went 100 – 200 feet in following a log path of thin cut circles. Our guide said, “Stay on the path and don’t touch anything as much as you might be tempted, as beautiful as the flower might be, as cute as the frog might look, color often speaks danger.” He lifted a fern and a construction-worker’s-vest-yellow frog sat on the flared tree root. Our guide said something about poison darts.

Our visit did not last long enough, an hour perhaps. I spent another three days at the edge of the Garden of Eden. I never went back. The sights and sounds of the village, the food, and torchlight suppers kept me down by the river where we gathered to write and talk. I’d never experienced anything like Eden, this welcome from the earth and trees and the love of the native people of this land call to me even now, twenty years later. Land deeply felt, touches us in ways for which words often can’t possibly begin to describe.

A Lasting Impression

I will admit that on my way home to America, once I was alone at the airport, I choked up, and for months afterward if anyone asked me about it or asked if I had been on any interesting trips, I couldn’t speak the country’s name. A Garden of Eden experience touches people that way.

The biblical Garden of Eden is somewhere around 35° east. My Eden was in the west. My people, your people, 100,000 years ago walked the paths of this eastern Eden as they departed Africa, saw things, knew things, felt things and I’m sure there were tears. Land deeply felt, touches us in ways for which words often can’t possibly begin to describe.

Tsavorite – Garden of Eden Green Garnet

From East Africa we have new gems and new discoveries: Tsavorite is a gem few have heard of, yet its beauty is something to behold. The green is crisp, bright, and lush. The green is the color of Eden.



Found in Only One Place on Earth – East Africa

We’ve gone to East Africa to the world’s greatest green garnet mines, a small geographic area just north of Mt Kilimanjaro, on the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Mt. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain at 19,000+ feet. Snow capped with glaciers, remarkably, just a few hundred miles from the equator.

Martini Style

East African Green Garnets are poised delicately in 3-prong, low-profile, earlobe-hugging, comfort-fitting, almost invisible settings.

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