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Necklace Details

Name: Songs of Summer Necklace

Style#: F9014

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gem: Maine Amethyst = 9mm trillion-cut (1.99 carats)

Gem: Green Maine Tourmaline = 3mm round (.10 carat)

Gem: Diamond = 1.8mm round

Measurement: 34mm (1 3/8″) from top to bottom of necklace

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

Price: $995

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Songs of Summer, Maine Amethyst, Maine Tourmaline, & Diamond Necklace

Style #: F9014


Songs of Summer

A warm August breeze
Plays sweet in the ear as laughter,
Sailing on firefly wings
Brings precious twilight dreams.

Summer is for the child; woods, ocean, mountain, lake.
Summer is for new friends; late nights, camp fires, starlight.
Summer is for touching the wind and tasting the rain.
Summer is for the romantic, the stargazer, the dreamer in us all.

Every song is different. From each necklace in the Songs of Summer Collection, a unique gem – often Maine Tourmaline, but sometimes other world gems – all swing freely.

Travel by boat up the Kennebec river from Bath, at one point the river narrows. Its narrowing creates beautiful whirlpools at the turn of the tide, it also creates turbulence and notations, cautions, risks, and warnings on nautical charts. I hiked through woods and over fields to sit on the bank of the Kennebec river to watch the tide flow into Merrymeeting Bay. This is a place few Mainers know about. It’s one of those “You can’t get there from here” places. Our Maine humorists talk about these places. Few roads lead to Merrymeeting Bay. There’s almost no place to park and yet, it’s a vast lake-like body of water where salt and fresh water mix twice a day.

I sat for three hours on an incoming tide, watching the water. I listened to it sweep and flow into the bay. I watched as hundreds of whirlpools formed and swept up-river. The whirlpools spun in both directions. Then I saw something I’ll never forget…it was a strand of straw, 10-12 inches long, a dried yellow color caught by the current near shore, then caught by a whirlpool and spun around. I watched as it spun, one end sucked down the whirlpool, the other end – 6 inches sticking straight up, spinning around about 4 inches away from center. It was caught by the whirlpool and pulled by the swift tide. The spinner was swept up into the bay.

Spirals are ancient, spirals are eternal. In human history, we have in all cultures carved spirals into rock for thousands of years. I can imagine our Native American ancestors sitting in the same place I did, watching the spirals sweep into Merrymeeting Bay.

Our Songs of Summer necklace is a powerful piece of design and gem. The big gem is free to move. No two pieces are ever the same. Each piece possesses its own mystical energy. Choose wisely. Choose carefully, but choose. You have the power of the spiral and the glint of gold, the color and brilliance of the gem, and a lifetime of summers to wear your new necklace.

True Maine Amethyst Jewelry

Maine has been blessed with three major gem finds of amethyst. Unfortunately, the most popular sizes simply weren’t cut. Cutters tried for the biggest, best, record-setting gems. We set aside our urge to create jewelry and instead spent 35 years simply collecting the best of the best in sizes people love. We’ve recently given in and decided to set up the prettiest Maine amethyst we’ve collected over the last thirty-five years of a century. The result is a rare collection of hard-to-find gems mounted in our most popular design…the Lady Captain’s Ring. Our primary source was Maine Amethyst Mine #1. Read on for the story of this initial discovery and revelations at the mine.

It’s a big slab of quartz covered in amethyst crystals
(note the size of the Cross pen)
A Mystical Gem Experience
Three Major Amethyst Discoveries in Maine in the Last 35 Years

Mine #1 Sweden, Maine Music Camp, Encore Coda. The music camp was located next to a small lake. The first time I visited, I could see kids with oboes and violins walking about. I could hear good, better, and best music coming from various buildings. I could see sunlight sparkling on the lake. It looked like a nice place to spend a couple of weeks of summer. I remember a fleeting feeling of wishing I’d spent more time focused on music in High School.

The Owner of the Music Camp Made a Wise Move

The owner of the music camp bought a corner property up the hill adjacent to his camp for proximity protection. He then discovered it had a layer of gravel. He wanted to build a ball field down by the lake to expand the appeal of his music camp. He hired a contractor who arrived with a front-end loader and trucks. It all started off nicely. Trucks arrived and dumped, arrived and dumped. The low-lying land next to the lake was building quickly. Then the trucks stopped coming. The owner waited awhile and then finally walked up to the site and was astounded to see purple crystals lying about and big chunks and slabs of amethyst crystals sitting at the edge of openings in the native rock. He sat down and waited.

Eventually, a truck appeared with the front-end loader guy. Apparently, the front-end loader cut through the shallow gravel, hit the ledge, flipped a piece of ledge over and it was covered with a thousand purple amethyst crystals. Reportedly, the worker yelled, “Eureka, Tourmaline!” and proceeded to load his truck with crystals to haul away. The music camp owner shut him down and immediately hired a professional gem mining company that came in and proceeded to mine the location seriously.

I visited the site three times; all three were during active mining. It was a view of pure white, milk-white quartz that ran diagonally through the corner lot. The quartz was 20 feet wide and laced like Swiss cheese with hundreds of pockets of amethyst.

When gem professional miner Phil called to tell me about this discovery, he said he’d never seen anything like it. He said they were lifting out huge plates of white quartz, one side covered with hundreds of purple amethyst crystals. I told him I couldn’t imagine. He said that up until this moment, he couldn’t have either.

My Invitation to Visit

He gave me an invitation for my first trip up to the mine. As mentioned earlier, I stopped at the music camp, and they sent me up the hill. The view of this amethyst mine, at first sight, was unimpressive. It looked like bare rock surrounded by gravel. Phil and his partner were doing a blast that day. I saw the rock, and gray mud pools, the drills, the drill holes, the yellow wires, and the dynamite. They told me to move my car. I was parked far away. I felt safe. They said, “Seriously, move it.” I did.


When it was blast time I asked if I could stand with the dynamite guy at the blast box. They said, “No. Go out into the woods and find a big tree. When you hear the blast make sure you’re standing behind the tree.” I said, “You’re kidding.” They both said, “No. Seriously, a big tree.”

I found my tree. I heard them yell, “Fire in the hole!” three times. Then the earth shook. I peeked out from behind the tree, and took a quick picture. Then I heard branches above me breaking, saw branches above me falling, and could hear rocks falling far out, beyond where I was standing. I was glad I moved my car.

I Walked Up to the Blast Site

This was when I started to feel astonished. We walked over to the blast area. I could smell the dynamite. I could smell broken rock, and I could smell the mud. Phil and his assistant appeared with long steel prybars and started pulling shattered rocks apart. It was all mud-covered rock. Phil sat down in his rubber boots in the mud-filled water. He and his assistant reached down into the mud and pulled out what to me looked like mud balls big ones, little ones, and tossed them into a cardboard box. I watched for a few minutes. Then I finally said, “What are you doing?” Phil tossed a mudball at me and said, “Wash this off.”

The mud was deep gray, thick, and clingy. As I scraped it and rinsed, I could feel angles and a point emerging out of the mud. It was a beautiful amethyst crystal. The point was purple, the color thinning as the eye moved down the length of the crystal. I admired it. I wondered if it was a gift. Phil wasted no time and said, “When you’re done admiring, toss it in the box.” They worked for a long time, fishing around the mud for chunks of anything. They would occasionally toss me a sample. I continued to find rich grape purple amethyst crystals.

It Was a Surreal Experience

Gem mining is a surreal experience. The mines are all different. Certain gems reveal themselves differently, and every layer, every level excavated, potentially requires morphing and adapting on-the-fly to new ways for gems to present or simply hide themselves from view. I would never have imagined mud balls found beneath a foot of water would contain a precious, beautiful gem. Mining, at times, is like an archeological dig. It felt like I was Mel Fisher finding Spanish gold doubloons on a coral reef.

Many who go to a gem mine, go to work. They come in old clothes and boots. They arrive with full knowledge; they are free help for a day and are ready for the privilege to carry rocks, move hoses, re-fill gas in the sump pump, and run a lunch errand. If you ever get invited, you’re expected to work, and if you don’t you don’t get invited back.

Cross’ Gem Buying Opportunity

As gems were cut, we had an early opportunity to review the best of choice gems. We sold many pieces of amethyst jewelry in the beginning. Over the years, we collected a treasure trove of Maine amethyst gems. Do we have all sizes and shapes? Not by a long shot. We do, however, have some of the very best colors of amethyst found here in Maine.

We have recently begun creating rings and jewelry again using Maine amethyst. We’ve amassed a best-of-class collection of fine gems and have started building designs around them.

Necklace Details

Name: Songs of Summer Necklace

Style#: F9014

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gem: Maine Amethyst = 9mm trillion-cut (1.99 carats)

Gem: Green Maine Tourmaline = 3mm round (.10 carat)

Gem: Diamond = 1.8mm round

Measurement: 34mm (1 3/8″) from top to bottom of necklace

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

Price: $995

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