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At our beach, on our ocean, in the 1950s there were starfish and sea urchins and sand dollars by the thousands. There were baby lobsters and crabs under every rock in the tide pools. I could write a hundred pages on what it was like to be a kid in the 1950s and only begin to scratch the surface.


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Diamond Necklaces


City Kids Loved Our Starfish Tide Pool Tours

I grew up in a world where dogs roamed free, kids played outdoors, mother’s work was at home making noontime meals like spaghetti, hamburgers or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I was doubly blessed as a kid living on a farm outside of Portland, Maine and in the fall, winter, and spring spending summers on a white sand saltwater beach in Scarborough, Maine. I was under ten in the 1950s and to my reckoning it was the most perfect decade to be a kid at the age of discovery.

At our beach, on our ocean, in the 1950s there were starfish and sea urchins and sand dollars by the thousands. There were baby lobsters and crabs under every rock in the tide pools. I could write a hundred pages on what it was like to be a kid in the 1950s and only begin to scratch the surface.

Going back to the beach, August tides would wash in hundreds of starfish every day. When new kids and tourist’s kids came to our beach we would take them to the tide pools at the cliffs and would spend hours exploring and showing limpets and sea slippers, blue mussels and kelp, lobsters and crabs, sea urchins and starfish. City kids loved the tour. Their favorites were the big sea urchins, some the size of an apple and starfish in yellow, mauve, pink and lavender. The city kids were always impressed that starfish were alive and real, a living heavenly star in the sea. The truth, we beach kids thought they were pretty cool too.

Our Starfish Diamond Earrings and pendant set in white gold embody a lot of what is right and pure and true about the ocean. First is the armed star shape this sea creature inhabits (sky stars have four or eight rays, starfish have five rays or arms, snowflakes have six arms). Stars in the night sky are too far away to get a good look. Snowflakes are often too tiny to see. Starfish, however, are big enough to hold in your hand. You can feel them move; the little suction tentacles come out and will allow the starfish to move across your hand. For kids it’s one of the most real, approachable wonders of the sea except…

Alas, the Future of the Starfish

The ocean of the 1950s was very different from the ocean of the new millennia. Walk the tide line at any saltwater beach and look among the sea weed washed in. Rarely today will you find a starfish along the edge of an advancing tide. Go to any Atlantic tide pool in New England and look for sea urchins and starfish, you can find them but they are few and far between. Our oceans are changing, temperatures are rising. This is a small plea. Consider next November, politicians who believe in science and are prepared to consider and debate the best ways of preserving mother earth, and will naturally vote appropriately.

Starfish, little five-armed stars studded with tiny diamonds. Pendant comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. Simple, pure, elemental, brilliant. Lovely by day, dazzling by night. Wear it out to any gathering. Wear it out for any evening occasion. It’s understated and yet speaks volumes in its cosmic simplicity…elegant absolutely.

As jewelers we know what fine, well cut, high white diamonds can do. We know the spell you can cast on all who are assembled. Even if no one says anything, with fine diamonds you have all who surround under your hypnotic spell. We know this is true because how often would you go up to the next table to tell the woman how ravishingly beautiful her diamond earrings are? The truth, you’re simply, silently struck by the beauty, by the brilliance.

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