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Necklace Details

Item#: CT9121

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gems: 36 Fancy Colored Sapphires equal 3.68 carats total. Natural gem sapphires have been enhanced through beryllium diffusion. With increased intensity it adds to the color magic.

Diamonds: 5 = .11 carat total.

Pendant Length: 15/16″ (about the size of a quarter)

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

Chasing the Sun, Sunset Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

Item #: CT9121

The private jet was set to take off at 7:40 pm. The pilot had done his calculations, determined speed and latitude. There was a destination, but the actual flight was more than merely a means of travel. The flight would chase the setting sun.

* * * * * * *

Jason had planned this for months. Kate’s birthday fell the day after the summer solstice, and this would be a big one. He wanted to do something exceptional for her birthday. He told her a few weeks ago they were going to get away. She tried to tease more information out of him, but details were few. It was no use. Whenever she brought it up, he just smiled and went silent.

Kate knew they were flying somewhere; she just didn’t know where. She gave Jason a nudge as the car passed the terminal parking exit, “you missed the turn”.

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Necklace Details

Item#: CT9121

Precious Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Gems: 36 Fancy Colored Sapphires equal 3.68 carats total. Natural gem sapphires have been enhanced through beryllium diffusion. With increased intensity it adds to the color magic.

Diamonds: 5 = .11 carat total.

Pendant Length: 15/16″ (about the size of a quarter)

Chain: 18″ 14K Yellow Gold

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Chasing the Sun, Story Continued…

“No I didn’t.” he replied with a sly smile. A few minutes later, Kate’s eyes widened in surprise as their car turned off the main airport road toward the charter flight hangers. They widened even more when they drove right up to a sleek jet, with staircase open.

After reaching cruising altitude, Jason reached into a bag at his side, and pulled out a small cream-colored package with a hand-tied burgundy bow. He handed it to Kate, who smiled and give a little laugh as she pulled on the satin ribbon, and lifted the lid. Her eyes sparkled and her lips curled up, “It’s spectacular,” she said. Jason got up and clasped the warm gem colors around her neck. The golden light, streaming through the cabin windows, glinted and glimmered with the orange, yellow, and red gems.

Drinks, a gourmet dinner, and to finish, chocolate-chip cannoli from their favorite bakery. The conversation covered all they’d been through, and dreams yet to come true. All the while, their constant companion was a seemingly eternal sunset.

Three hours in, the plane began its descent. The sun continued on its journey west. A few days at a secluded mountain retreat was next. As they walked from the plane to the waiting car, the mountain peaks stood silhouetted in the fading light. “What a night,” Kate said, stopping for a moment to take it all in. A light touch, a kiss, as stars began to dance above… a sunset to remember forever.


Dreams of a Sunset House


Follow along, it will only take a minute. Let your thoughts drift on the winds of your imagination. As the images come to mind, not only see, also feel, hear, and smell where you’re mind takes you…

Picture a house with a sunset view built on Sunset Drive. The great room, with floor to ceiling windows faces west. Glass walls slide open onto a deck with a firepit and comfortable chairs to sink into. What do you see when you look out? Perhaps a field stretching down a gentle slope, distant tree tops blending into the horizon. Maybe its ocean as far as the eye can see, or the house is perched on top of a hill with silent mountain peaks in the distance.

The golden hour, the last hour of sunlight is the best time of day on Sunset Drive. As the sun moves lower in the sky, shadows lengthen, and the high-ceilinged great room glows a warm inviting amber. You slide the large glass walls open, inviting the outdoors in. Five plush chairs are well positioned on the deck to relax and watch as colors bloom, painting clouds cotton candy colors. A glass of red or white in hand as you watch a symphony of color play across the sky. The stage stays the same, but natures notes are never the same. Each evening is guaranteed to be a unique performance and you have the best seat in the world.

In this necklace is the full drama of a spectacular sunset. Yellow sunshine transitions into orange, then smoldering red. Perfect for those who live in a sunset house or dream of one day moving into their own.


A Love of Sunsets

A handful of times each year I catch a “I can’t believe this is real” sunset moment. Clouds are an essential ingredient to a great sunset. The clouds work with the light, they provide a textured canvas on which the brush strokes of color can play.

Below, a desert sunset. Shadow and light, with layers of amber and gold.


Below, I went to San Francisco for a wedding. We flew out a few days early. Rented a car and drove up Highway 1. With the sun speeding toward the horizon we turned off the highway and curled around to a quiet cove on Bodega Bay. We were treated to a spectacular show.


Below, a sunset from Monhegan Island, Maine August 2007. A friend took a couple of us out for a few nights on his boat. From Portland to Monhegan it’s 2.5 hours in good weather. We found a mooring just north of the harbor. The sky and ocean were washed in red. This might have been the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever seen.



Sunset Photography Tip

Most people leave lookout points after the sun dips below the horizon. Perhaps they have dinner plans. Often the best is yet to come. Wait five minutes, ten minutes. The oranges and reds become more intense. The drama grows as the seconds pass. The photos below were taken on the same warm July night overlooking a tidal marsh.

Photo below taken at 8:18pm

Photo Below taken at 8:28pm


Chasing the Sun, Sunset Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

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